This past weekend, one of my friends invited me to go to a warehouse sale that my local Half-Price Books was hosting this past weekend and who am I to pass up on cool sales. The main thing that grabbed me about this sale was that you could pay $20 and then get as many books, comics, dvd, etc. that could fit into the bag pictured below. Like any good weeb, I immediately went to the area where all the manga were and didn’t look at anything else and here’s what I picked up.

Man what a blast from the past. Basically all the mangas here are series from my childhood with exception to Bambooblade, Blade of the Immortal, and Desert Ora (though it looks really 90s). Funny thing about the Slayers manga, it’s not a manga, it’s actually the 1st light novel of the series. I’m not sure if I’ll read it any time soon, but I’m probably going to try to get through it on a rainy day.


As for everything that wasn’t Slayers, I only picked up because the cashier told me my bag wasn’t full enough when I tried to check out for the first time. For Bamboo Blade, watch Arkada review the show once and I thought I might as well pick it up. Those Who Hunt Elves is a zany 90s anime that I watched one episode of and thought the only appealing part of it was the fact that it had modern people in a fantasy world… My love for the isekai genre was already in full swing by this point.

This group is pretty interesting in that I’m tangentially familiar with most of them. I know Culdcept is based of a card game of the same name. Plus, I’m a sucker for fantasy stuff. So stuffing Culdcept in my bag was a pretty easy decision for me.


I know Sayonara Zetsubo-Sensei has a pretty trippy anime and it was also directed by the same guy who directed Devilman Crybaby. I’ll have to check out SZS’s anime sometime after I dig through its first manga volume.

Flames of Recca is one of the earlier works of the guy who made M.A.R. (an isekai that took many American fairy tales and turned it into a shounen battle manga) and man is the art rough. It definitely feels like a work made by a less experience mangaka, but I’ll see where it goes before I drop it permanently.

As for the other 3 mangas, I have never heard of any of them beforehand. I only threw them into my bag since their art was interesting and like I mentioned before, I needed to fill my bag with more books.


Man I felt weird when I picked up DearS and skimmed it… it was like I was dropped back into my days where I reading Negima before it became a pure shounen battle manga. I basically gathered that aliens come to earth ala Mars Invades, but instead of invading the earth, one of them tries to sex up some random teenage ala To Love Ru. Honestly, I only picked up those manga because it had Peach Pit’s name attached to them and I found his/her artwork to be pretty unique in Rosen Maiden. Hopefully when I dive into the manga more seriously, I’ll get to see some unique character designs.

I actually read a good amount of Hoshin Engi when I was a kid and I enjoyed the series quite a bit, but I never ended up buying a volume of the series for some reason. So I felt like finally picking up a volume after all this time.


I really should watch Yakitate Japan already. The premise sounds right up my alley. Like who doesn’t like shounen cooking battle about making bread? In any case, reading the manga should give me a better idea if the series is more like Food Wars or not.

You may ask me why I picked up a bunch of manga volumes for a random manga series, to which I would reply in my snootiest voice that this isn’t manga, it’s manhwa. To be honest, I’ve never seen physical manhwa in the US except for one time at my local library and I just knew I needed to own at least one series of manhwa. The main difference between manga and manhwa besides their place of origin is that manga is read right to left, while manhwa is read left to right. Other than that, manga and manhwa are basically the same.


As to the quality of Ragnarok, it has good art work, but the narrative is a complete mess. The series is loosely adapting Norse mythology in the most nonsensical way that you basically replace all the character names and places with names from Blazblue or Guilty Gear and it’d make about as much sense. The only plus side is the artwork is pretty good, but the action is held back by the JRPG character aesthetic

Finally, I picked up a ton of the manhwa series, Rebirth, which is about a vampire lord reviving in the modern day and of all the stuff I bought, it was the only one I’ve read more thoroughly into so far. Like did you know that this series is still ongoing in South Korea? I certainly didn’t until I wikipediaed the series and I can definitely see why it’s still ongoing. The series has a strong emotional hook in that the vampire lord is trying to get revenge on god because god basically stabbed him in the back ages ago. Though the vampire lord is focused on revenge, he knows he can’t get his revenge on his own and so he goes about trying to find ways to gain more power while navigating the modern era. I really like the fact that the creator of this manhwa took the time to inject some humanity into the manhwa because I feel that many more modern anime and manga series forget to add this element of humanity to their works.


Anyways, thanks for sticking around this long to listen to me ramble about how I reenacted the lyrics from Mackelmore’s thrift shop song.