So for those on the fence about which version to get, Snorlax_exlax, over at Gamefaqs have listed the differences and took screenshots to compare the PS4 and PSVita version.

PS4 version advantages

- 1080p (Obviously, but some people may have feared it being 720p)

- 60FPS (The Vita version is at 30FPS However this is a turn based RPG, so this is not a huge deal in my opinion, having played the first 30 hours of the game on the Vita version.)

- Better load times (Not that the Vita version has bad loading times.The PS4 is just faster.)

Vita version advantage

- Portable (Obviously)


- The game does support cross save, so if you want to get both versions, this is a very nice feature.

- While the PS4 version looks nicer overall, this is still originally a Vita game. What I mean by that, is some background textures/graphics will look cleaner/not as stretched on the Vita, since the screen is smaller.

On the other hand, the Digimon and character models look better on the PS4 version.

- No anti-aliasing on either version

Other notes: The game does have an online feature, so if you don’t have PS+, you’ll be missing out on certain features by getting the PS4 version.

Also, the PSVita version works with the PSTV.

There have been reports that the PS4 version does not always run at a steady 60fps and do drop in framerate throughout the game.

More notes on New Game+:

You can change your gender and name.

Sadly, cutscenes are still not skippable.

You keep

- Your Digimon (Their levels intact as well)

- Memory limit (Mine was still at 255, for example)

- Money/Yen

- All items (Even the Digimentals)

- Sleuth rank

- Scan percentages

- Digifarm stuff

- The checkmarks for Digivolving into the royal knights

You lose

- Story related stuff

(Like locations and key words)

- Request progress

Comparison screenshots

(Note that the Vita does compress screenshots a bit, so it will look cleaner in-game. My PS4 screenshots were set to PNG mode though, so they are pretty much accurate to what you’ll see on your TV or Display.)