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Digital Comics on the Cheap- 3/11/2016

Good morning and welcome to the biggest sink of your time and money that you’ll see anywhere on Kinja today. Yes, it’s time to find out what comics are on sale digitally this weekend!

Marvel is continuing to sell their Star Wars Legends (aka Dark Horse’s old Star Wars books)!


My Recommendation: These two series (Empire and Rebellion) aren’t QUITE as good as what’s been offered so far this month, but that’s just because the series offered so far have been REALLY good. There are some gems in here, such as Ron Marz’s short run in the middle of Empire (#24-28). It’s worth trying out if you’re interested in the New Hope to Empire gap, but for the most part this era is covered better in Jason Aaron’s current Marvel series and Brian Wood’s 2013 Dark Horse series.

Best Value: All of it is 50% off, and roughly the same page count per issue, so doesn’t really matter.

Also, Marvel’s Brian Michael Bendis collections are still on sale through Sunday!

Image has the work of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie on sale through the weekend!


My Recommendation: The Wicked + The Divine is probably my favorite Image book out there right now. It’s a brilliant rock & roll fantasy book. I personally have not been able to get into Phonogram, but I always hear it recommended too, so check it out.


Best Value: The bundles are just a little bit better value than the single issues or collections.

Comixology Submit is featuring tales of Indie Music all weekend.


My Recommendation: I am completely unfamiliar with all of this. Sorry. :-)

Best Value: It’s a straight 50% off, so no one best value.

DC Comics has a sale featuring their most popular female characters through the weekend!


My Recommendation: Once against, DC baffles me with their choices, but I’m not going to complain about the quality.


In short, everything in this sale is amazing. George Perez’s Wonder Woman. New 52 Batgirl. Harley Quinn (if you’re into that). The biggest negative is that this sale is lacking Supergirl and Birds of Prey. Otherwise, it’s great stuff.

Humanoids has two different sales this weekend. This is the Legend of the Scarlet Blades. The second is Retroworld.


Unfortunately, I know nothing about either book. What I do know is that Humanoids books are usually absolutely gorgeous, so look at the previews and give them a try.

Lastly- IDW’s Strange Tales and Deviations sale is still on through 3/31!

So what are you doing? Go get some comics!

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