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Disappointment - Breath of Fire 6 Online Edition

There is no greater feeling when life decides that your expectation is set too high and knock it down a notch to disappointment. Today, I bring you Disappointment - Breath of Fire 6 Online Edition.

Breath of Fire, a beloved JRPG series made by Capcom, has been around since 1993. Since inception, there has been 5 main titles in the series and each one has always center around two characters Ryu and Nina. Ryu is often the hero of the story and gifted with dragon abilities while Nina, a winged being, has always been destined to meet Ryu.


Breath of Fire IV

Personally, I've never played I and II. I've tried a little of III and got pretty far in IV. Never played V either. However, it didn't take much for me to recognize the charm and magic that radiates from the BoF series. Sadly, Capcom shifted teams and restructured, put the BoF series into the backburner since 2003 until today...


I present to you, Breath of Fire 6

Breath of Fire 6 will be an online browser game available for PC, and mobile smartphones. Capcom, I can't begin to express the level of disappointment at the news. It's one thing if it's a mobile game and a single player experience but it's another when it's a mobile/web browser online game. This means the story will be limited and possibly revolve around sending friend requests to your neighbor all the way to some dude on the other side of the world. But what bothers me the most, is the fact it's a main series title degraded into possibly a free to play model. Troubling news...

With that said, the game may not even make it out of Japan (so disappointed the PSP version of MML and MML2 never made out of Japan) so don't get too comfortable at this wonderful news.

Sadly, I should have set my expectation to reality because it's not the first time Capcom crush the dreams of gamers. coughML3andotherMMgamescough Ouch, my throat, oh hey, what's this? UMvC3, wonder when I'll get to see characters like Venom or Megaman?


So TAY, how do you feel about this news? Do you have high expectation, if any expectation, for BoF6?

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