Hello everyone, and welcome to TotA Dev Blog #4! Last week I talked about crafting a fantasy world based on our unique magic system. Today I'd like to delve a little further into the world itself.

I've already mentioned how we're giving at least a nod to well established fantasy tropes by placing them in the game's history. Long ago, the world of Tales of the Arcanimus was similar to other standard fantasy realms, with the known world consisting of dwarves, elves, orcs, etc. Magic was rare and dark, almost bringing about the end of existence. The creation of the Arcanimus, a great world enchantment stretching across the globe (pictured above), changed everything.

With universal access to magical now a given, advancements were made. Tools, navigation, medicine. Airships. In the present era of TotA, people are starting to embark from the Old World of Everyn, discovering exciting new places and peoples.


The inhabitants of these strange lands are never-before-seen races, all unique to TotA; like the human, elven, and orcish explorers, they are all playable. I brought with me today three of them for show-and-tell, so let's take a look, shall we?

First we have the secretive Sareth. Before the Arcanimus, they had an empire that covered all of the continent of Ionan. They were governed by a magocracy that spent countless generations cultivating magical talent; they used this Dark Magic to conquer and enslave everything within their reach.


And it all came crashing down. With the base of their power negated by the Arcanimus, their empire soon crumbled. Living in the shadow of their former glory, some Sareth desire to uncover the forgotten secrets that lie buried in ancient ruins and tombs; secrets that the mummified Sarethi lords will defend. Others still wish to leave their past behind and explore the rest of the world and the mysteries it has to offer.

Either way, Sareth often make for cunning spellcasters and spies, eager to learn all that they can, for Knowledge is Power.


Meanwhile, in the northernmost mountain ranges of Ionan dwell the benevolent Acrons. These peaceful, shamanistic folk will often spend their days jumping up and down the mountain trails to bring food and supplies from the valleys down below to their snowy homes in the peaks

Acrons are well known for their medical and alchemical skills, an asset to any adventuring party. While most people's biology can only support only one alchemical elixir at a time, Acrons are capable of stacking several of these effects at once, making them incredibly versatile.

While they are rather isolated, Acron villages are usually welcoming to outsiders, aiding those in need and warning them of the dangers farther north. They tell stories of the howling winds that carry away stragglers in the cold of night ... will you heed their tale?


"But wait!" I hear you asking. "What about Neracyl? What's going on with that place?" I will tell you.

Here we have the last of our playable New World races for today. Meet the Feuignis. The wild jungles of Neracyl are a dangerous place, and the Feuignis find refuge inside their volcanoes. Yes, they live inside volcanoes. They traditionally paint themselves with flaming tribal markings.


Yes, they actually wear fire.

Reading the formation of the Arcanimus as a sign of the coming of the Great Fire, they are eager to leave the safety of their volcanic homes and explore the world that etched it into the sky. In battle they are immune to fire damage, and commonly light themselves in large flames, both as a means of intimidation and of practicality.

While these are all the playable options I have to show you for today, they are by no means the only ones. Join me next week as I continue to discuss the development of Tales of the Arcanimus! As always, you can find us on Facebook here. You can also find us on Twitter.