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I'm really feeling it!
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[Discussion] Are Mobile Games The Future?

We have entered the mobile Era...
We have entered the mobile Era...

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts when they were discussing the sales of I Am Setsuna. Apparently the game’s developer Tokyo RPG Factory lost millions on the game because it didn’t sell well in Japan. Now mind you, this number did not include the North American sales figures and, at this time, I’m unsure of how much money they may recoup even if our sales were to be included. The host of the podcast mentioned how a lot of gaming has shifted to mobile platforms in Japan and cited the decrease of console sales in the region. I found an article from IGN (2015) that corroborates that statement. The climate is shifting towards mobile games in Japan and I’m concerned that my favorite genre, JRPGS/RPGS, will soon follow suit. But let’s be clear, in NA we love our consoles or PC games so I’m not worried they will disappear completely. But because I love the quirky Japan-centric games so much I’m worried they will decrease exponentially if Japan does go full on mobile.


Full disclosure, I don’t like playing games on my phone and I have several reasons for that issue. The main reason for me is data issues. I no longer have unlimited because these companies have gotten super greedy about it (I’m looking at you Verizon) so if the game can’t be played offline its a no go for me. It’s true I could play on my WiFi in the house but I’d rather play something else that isn’t always available when I’m out and about.

Another reason I don’t prefer gaming mobile is the battery life on my phone. I definitely sit my phone down and forget about it when I get in the house. I’m usually playing on my console or writing an article so my phone goes bye bye and stays on the charger. Also, I don’t know about you guys, but if i’m holding my phone or talking on it for too long my phone gets extremely hot. I’ve seen the articles and pictures of phones exploding so I try to keep it on a surface that doesn’t conduct a lot of heat. I can game for hours at a time so I couldn’t imagine that on my phone.


My next reason is the screen size. The phone screens have definitely increased over the years which I like but not nearly enough for me to want to play a hardcore game on it. Now I know what you’re thinking, if you guys have read a few of my articles you know that I love my Vita and that screen isn’t that big either, but its just... different to me. Whenever I have the option I would absolutely rather play the game on my console but there are quite a few titles, like visual novels, that I do prefer on my Vita. I could imagine all of the details and backgrounds that I would miss if I was unable to even have the option to play on a bigger screen.

My final reason for not preferring mobile games may be the type of mobile games on the market. I have tried to play a few visual novels on my phone but aside from data issues, completing the game was an absolute nightmare. If I wasn’t getting bombarded with micro transactions the controls didn’t make sense to me because of the limited scope of the phone screen. I do like to have options so it seems like that may be an issue for phone gaming.


But with all of that being said, perhaps I’m not giving phone games a fair shake because of my preferred gaming habits and data limitations. To me, phones have a specific job and that is ultimately to keep in touch with other people. I do like being able to look up information on the go and get to my emails on the fly if needed but those are quick things not an immersive gaming experience. Some of the mobile games I have seen are able to be played in quick bites to accommodate the traveling gamer and there is always a place for that. Hell, the Vita’s sleep mode is the perfect remedy for that as well. I guess I would hate for Tokyo RPG Factory and other developers like it to either go out of business or be pushed into the mobile market because of waning sales in Japan.

Who knows, I could be over reacting because of my own personal preferences in games. Let me know what you guys think. What do you guys think about mobile gaming? What are your personal experiences with mobile gaming good and bad? Let me know what you think and share some information with the rest of the community.


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