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Disney Infinity Continues to Blow My Mind

I was watching the top 5 countdown for last weeks Disney Infinity Toy Box challenge when they showed this trick at the end of the video that just blew my mind.

Basically once you activate the button at the end of the goal inside the sub underwater he used a couple of the Creativi-toys called a sky changer and replayer to change the environment, making it look like the sub surfaced.


Pretty clever, and makes me think 0f a handful of neat ways to implement it. Maybe I'll make a game hopping Toy Box featuring Tron and Wreck-It-Ralph themed texture sets! Jumping from the Nicelanders World of Wreck-It-Ralph, to The Grid and then Sugar Rush just sounds like it could be a lot of fun!

That was so cool. I'm so sad I haven't gotten to play DI in like a week, but I definitely think I'm gonna go play it right now!

If people are interested I'll keep posting their weekly videos. I know they get me excited to get back into the game!

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