Have you been enjoying "Steel Diver: Sub Wars" on your 3DS /2DS? If not, this new official multiplayer trailer might convince you to submerge yourself on Nintendo's in my humble opinion quite successful venture into freemium waters. I have been plagued sadly with an issue with my home router and local ISP is running silent about it which sadly keeps me locked out of the online component of the game, so despite the usual mockery from colleagues, I managed to get myself up to level 13 while playing it on breaks at my workplace (different router, different ISP. It's all about DHCP and being able to give my 3DS a dynamic IP). I admit that my love for this game is partially fuelled by my late grandfather tales of his time in the Portuguese Navy (yes people, we do have submarines!) but I must assure any scepitcal land lovers out there that there is much brilliance on this simple yet difficult to master little game. Don't worry, no pay-to-win or downtime to recharge (are you reading, Namco?) on this one. Just a very solid torpedo warfare shooter with very nice sound effects, "Starfox" like soundtrack, a neat if short single player campaign and a terrific addictive local and online multiplayer. On that note, prepare to raise the trailer:

Feel free to share some of your best Submarine adventures or strategies on the comments below. Oh, and don't just take my word for it on this games surprising depth and brilliance. I would love to have an expanded version of this on Wii U and have better options to play with friends or organize Submarine clans. Even if everything else fails to impress you into buying the premium version, at least you will be able to say in future conversations: "Yeah, I do know Morse code. Learned it from a Nintendo video game back in 2014."

I was going for my usual "Play Hard, PLAY LOUD!" trademarked farewell, but for this time only it's better you "Run Silent, RUN DEEP!".

Shiryu Urawaza: If your Submarine takes damaged beyond your comfort zone, surface and broadcast the most easily remembered Morse code message of all time: "... —- ..." which universally translates as "SOS". An allied plane will fly over and drop a repair crate near your position. Beware however it only works once, so the next time you see something flying towards you it's an enemy bomber!