I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So I've wanted to go about doing a music type post for a while now and never got around to it. Recently I said to myself, make a Christmas tunes post where everyone can both listen to, and find new music stylings to add to their playlists (or maybe rediscover). SO here are some songs I have on my ipod, and some that I don't but probably should. Feel free to post your favorites or if not your favorite, then ones you like to listen to around this time. Also doesn't have to be a Christmas type song per se, but maybe at least a wintery kinda song.



Homemade Kazoku- Silver Town

Soo yea apparently nobody has this song uploaded on youtube, and Google search led me to what I believe is a Vietnamese music site of some kind, that happens to have this song uploaded for listening. That being said it's a good song, one that the first time I heard it, didn't realize it was even a Christmas song till they started saying stuff like jingle bells. =P

Next up is Kick The Can Crew with Christmas Eve Rap, and while I found it on youtube, no one has the video except for one or 2 people who apparently just recorded their tvs playing the vid <__< Also the song ends somewhere around the 530 mark but the vid is 7 mins long.

Eason Chan- Lonely Christmas. I'm pretty sure this isn't quite a cheery kinda X-mas song, but I enjoy it all the same

Bae Seul Gi- Happy Christmas (Korean Ver.)

Tommy heavenly6 - I ♥ XMAS

B'z - Itsuka no merry Christmas

Do As Infinity- We Are

Schadaraparr- Santaful World. A.k.a to some of you as those dudes who did the Zelda rap in that old comerical for the SNES

BoA- Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Foxxi MisQ- Last Christmas

Mihimaru GT- So Merry Christmas

and last but not least these ones XD:

some N*sync

some New Kids

anyway I gotta get to work so I won't be able to comment a whole lot, but have at you! and Muray Murstmas everyone.

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