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Do You <3 Chiptunes? After Watching This Documentary You Will

It even contains nudity!

It's hard. It's really, really hard to explain to anyone who is not... or rather, who was not a gamer back in the 8-bit generation what is and why chiptune music is so damn awesome. So I'm really glad I no longer have to, I just need to point them to the documentary "Europe In 8-Bits" by Javier Polo. During it's 76 minute run time, you will meet dozens of artists, watch live performances (including a naked one!) and find out why and what people use to make 8-bit music. I really can't write enough words to do the whole thing justice, so I will just point you instead to its official Vimeo video on demand link where you can rent it for a few bucks.


You will never look at a Game Boy the same way again! And I will be trying to suppress the nudity bit from my memory, yes...

*OMAKE* Although one of my spiritual mentors Jeroen Tel is not part of the documentary, I feel obliged to share his 2012 concert at Assembly, which remains the most fantastic chiptune live gig I have ever seen.

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