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Do you have a Figure Collection?

Inspired by RobGronkowski’sPartyBusDriver post

I want to ask, “Do you have a figure collection?”. I most certainly do! I keep my collection just over my computer desk.


In my Street Fighter figure box, I have Deadpool being hunted by the scary Tyrant; Ash, boomstick in hand, and a Crimson head with Cerberus by it’s side.

Alright a lot of things here. I got big Chris Redfield, right behind the little Chris fighting Yawn, right next to the test tube Tyrant. My collection of Street Fighter kidrobot figures. Kakashi standing tall in front of a lead figurine of Cable. The Undead Rogue from the WoW series of action figures. A bunch of One Piece stuff, Franky, Ace, Smoker, Borsalino and my one statue of Paladin Cecil from Final Fantasy 4.


Not much left, a few more figures from One Piece including chibi Smoker, Tashigi in Smoker’s body, and another regular Smoker next to Akainu. I have Jill fighting off a Chimera and Rebecca hiding from a Hunter. My Cable bust right next to my Zoltar bust from Battle of the Planets behind my bust of Green Arrow.

Then finally I have this guy


DCAU Aquaman, one of my favourite characters from the Justice League series.

Now I know a some people here probably have a wide assortment of Amiibos, but do you guys collect anything else?

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