I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled Do you remember ADV? SciFi Channel magazine remembers.

Courtesy of the April 2000 edition. Wow, $30 for a subtitled VHS tape with maybe 4 episodes? What a value! Although it is strange that the subtitled tapes were more than the dub, yet now the idea is license shows with a low expected buyer rate and do them cheap and sub only. Just shows how the business has changed in just 15 years. They also had a few small reviews of ADV Pioneer and Central Park Media releases. Anyone remember any of those or am I just that old? Anyway it’s a Friday and I wanted to pop my TAY posting cherry so there ya go, let’s talk old anime, or not. And if you want to share to Ani-Tay go for it the more the merrier.


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