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Do you want to take a surTAY? - Heroic Mimes In Gaming

Good afternoon and welcome to “Do you want to take a SurTAY?”, the column where I throw up a completely non-scientific poll to gauge the thoughts of the TAY community on a variety of gaming topics.

Last time the question was which has destroyed more friendships, star stealing bullshit or blue shell shenanigans?


Here are the final results.

So for our first poll it looks like more people hate star stealers over blue shellers. Personally I’m like the little girl from the Old ElPaso commercial


By have of course, I mean despise.

Moving on, our next poll is about the Heroic Mime.


Those are the characters in gaming who don’t speak, for one reason or another. There are several examples of this, from the Half Life and Portal series, to the Last Dragonborn from Skyrim. So who is your favorite? Vote and comment below.


EDIT: I completly forgot Link as an option, and based on all the people who voted in the other option it’s a popular one. I re-did the poll to include him as well as Samus from Metroid.

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