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Yes, that's right. B-TEN is now expanding from just video games to anime. And guess who's idea that was and is subsequently also head of the new anime department?


Yes! it's me! I'm in charge of everything about this new anime part, including recruiting writers. Now, here's my question: Do you want to write about anime for B-TEN? (You can also write about video games if you want, but I really need people to write about anime).

I'm looking for people to write about anime news, to write reviews, or write about anything else related to the otaku lifestyle. The environment you'll be working in is insanely casual (what would you expect if I'm supposed to be keeping order?). Any one from TAY will be accepted. Oh, and you'll need a Facebook account (you can make a new one though if you don't like getting too personal, it's just for a means to communicate). Oh yeah, you'll probably get a picture like this one too:

my curls are just as beautiful as you think they are

What you'll need to do when you work for B-TEN is simply write stuff. There's no limitation to how often you'll have to write. I'll be taking care of (some) marketing (or whatever that is) and trying to get contacts in the anime world (you know, free stuff). But help is always appreciated on that area (because I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm just some guy who likes to watch Gantz and talk about anime).

You also won't get paid YET. I'm terribly sorry for that, but we're still growing and aren't even making profit yet (though I think we broke even this month, so we're getting better). But, as soon as we start pulling enough green we can give you guys all the manay in the wurld (ok, not that much). But, that doesn't mean you won't get free stuff, you can ask developers and people like that to give you stuff to write about. Quite a few people on B-TEN have been doing that already.

So, if you're interested or have any questions please let me know

Ps. GBD, if you don't want me to have this up here I can edit it to be full of cat gifs instead. Also, to the Kotaku staff, you're welcome to write for B-TEN too.


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