The first episode has come and gone, the Doctor is here in a big way, and Doctor Who Discussion is here to gather thoughts and opinions on the new episode! *SPOILERS BEWARE, SERIOUSLY THIS POST GOES INTO FULL DETAIL OF THE NEW EPISODE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*

Peter Capaldi makes his entrance this episode with a frenetic energy that we haven't seen before. He's finding out who he is and what kind of Doctor he is this episode and as such I don't think we'll really get a good idea of what this Doctor is like for another episode or two.

This episode was full of parallels, between the Doctor and the dinosaur, the Doctor and the clockwork villains (with a little callback to the ones that harassed the Doctor all the way back when Tennant was playing him). It was a semi-subtle way to convey some added context to the state of this Doctor and his companion Clara. At times it could be a little heavy handed, but hey this is a show targeted at the younger folk after all.


Peter Capaldi was a bit of a revelation as this Doctor (Cross Eyebrows, Attack Eyebrows!) his complete and utter Scottishness was a big positive in my mind, he had plenty of attitude and his mouth moves at a mile a minute! He did wade into a bit of darker territory near the end of the episode, with all but an assisted suicide to defeat the clockwork villain. It was nice to see him get saner and saner as the episode moved along, gaining footing as he went. Some of the early bits in the episode were disconcerting, and had me wondering if we were going to be dealing with an insane Doctor this season. Thankfully not.

Clara was more than a bit whiny this episode. I get the motivation behind it, but you know what? She continued with it right until the end of the episode. Hopefully, the cameo (WOOOO that was awesome) set it right and she's ready to continue on with the Doctor, but I'm already tired of her going "but he's not the SAME" please let this not be a major theme of the season. PLEASE.


Also the ending makes me think we are going to have a season long arc, even though Moffat keeps saying that he's not doing that this time round. He's lied to us before...

What did you guys think?