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Does Anybody Need a Charmander? Update

I finally found you my sweet, sweet shiny.

Late last week I shared my long plight with you. How I was hell bent on getting me a shiny Charmander. Well, on Saturday I finally did. There she is up there all beautiful like.

It only took me around 500 or so eggs to get one, so I was a little lucky. So I figured I would double down on my luck and started shooting for a new shiny, a Vulpix.


Well just about 10 minutes ago during my lunch I got one.

Sweet Victory!

So now, because I am a crazy person who can never stop once he starts acquiring power (in this case rare Pokemon) I am breeding Dratini!

I have a shiny Dragonite from the free one you can get during White 2 (or Black 2, can’t remember which gives you Dratini and which gives you Gible) but I foolishly let it turn into Dragonite which is ok in shiny form, but not nearly as cute as this little guy.


After I get my Dratini I am going to steal my roommates copy of Omega Ruby and chain me some Eevee so that I can get a shiny Umbreon and Espeon.

I must have five, because as those of you who know me can already see by the names of those Pokemon, I need the full band. K-On! FOR LIFE!


I can’t be stopped!

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