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If there’s one thing, when it comes to Nintendo, that haters and even the most hardcore of fanboys can agree on, it’s that the Big N doesn’t do online very well.

It’s frustrating, to say the least, when you watch the PS4 and Xbox One (now in their third generation of online play) offer rudimentary features, like adding friends by account name, or offering an account that syncs across devices, and it blows Nintendo out of the water. How can we be 12 years since the launch of Xbox Live, and Nintendo still can’t figure out how an online account should work, or how digital purchases should be handled?

Well now, it looks like they’ve taken their heads out of the sand, crawled out from under their rock, and took off their blinders and headphones. Just yesterday, Nintendo announced their new foray into the online account business. The Nintendo Account.


With the ability to link popular social media accounts, and multiple devices, it looks like Nintendo is ready to step into the ring. They even reference that the account will be linking between your 3DS, Wii U, and the upcoming NX (among other devices and... theme parks?). Purchases will be tied to the account (which means when your 3DS bites the dust, you won’t be left stranded without your games), and your account can be moved across devices.

With the potential release of the NX right around the corner sometime in 2016, this is definitely a step in the right direction. It’s even replacing Club Nintendo by offering up rewards based on games/content purchased online (and Club Nintendo was actually a fantastic reward service).

So... Regardless of whether you’re a Nintendo nay-sayer, or if you live and breathe Mario, does this give you hope for Nintendo? Do you think they’re moving in the right direction with their online business?


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