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Welcome to the weekly pan-kinja cross thread, where the party peeps of Whitenoise, Hackerspace, Groupthink, Tay, Odeck, Backtalk, Oppo and Clashtalk talk about life, stuffing, or whatever they feel like on a Thursday morning.

Happy Thanksgiving and/or Thursday, Everyone!

Last week, a made-up Kinja War was brewing. So much can change in a week. Unimplied and I decided to get together in the spirit of Thanksgiving and combine our Hand Turkey doodle idea into one (hopefully) awesome post — which we quickly determined we should make into a Kinja Cross Thread competition.


Presenting: The Kinja Hand Turkey Doodle Competition

If you feel like it, show us your fabulous hand turkey creations in the comments below.

I didn't have time to glitterize and bedazzle mine, or give it that pink feather boa that I really wanted to give it but I think mine shall reign supreme regardless. It has bacon on it.


Let the record show that I loved my fine ass turkey so much that I put a ring on it.

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving to all of you who are celebrating. Have a great Thursday to everyone.


Thanks to Story645 for letting us take over today. Have no fear as I believe she will return next week.

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