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Illustration for article titled Dozens More Costumes Found to Be Censored in iBravely Second /i[Update 2] - Side Quests Outcome Changed/Outcomes Removed

Players are uncovering more and more censored/altered costumes in Bravely Second: End Layers.

Unconfirmed: There are reports that side quests options/outcomes are more limited, with some choices removed, in the localized version.

Updated 2/29/2016 8:00 PM:

There have been numorous reports that some of the Asterisk side missions have been altered in both outcomes, and choices removed.


An example by Dark_Felix at Gamefaqs:


Don’t have time to fully translate this particular scene atm.

Ok so for every side quest in the Japanese version there is outcome A, B, C and D, fighting Asterisk user A will give you outcome A, while you can get outcome C explaining any further past this point will be spoiler territory. If you fight Asterisk user B you will get outcome B, outcome D works the same way as what I mentioned above, spoiler territory.

Spoilers in the video for the Black mage and Ranger sidequest. In this scenario Black mage has outcome A and C, Ranger has B and D

English version, this is outcome C

If you want to watch this scene from the beginning for context then:


Japanese version, this is outcome A

Very short summary of what happened in outcome A:
They were trapped inside for 2 weeks
Things that happened inside was written in Yew’s diary
Rations ran out on the 6th day
14th day survivors: 9 people 1 animal/dragon
Bahamut dies
Tiz mentions hearing Ominas weep

From what i’ve played so far, outcome A has been removed from the English version and from a video i watched yesterday where the player chose to fight the Ranger, outcome B was removed and outcome D was shown.

The diary entry of Bahamut also contradicts outcome C in this version, Bahamut is supposed to be alive and yet says otherwise.


Update 2 - 3/1/2016 8:10am - More side quests with changes, contains spoilers.


via Nichegamer

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