As a fan of Dragon Ball Z and Super the news that Arc System Works was making a pure Dragon Ball fighting game immediately caught my attention. Past games spawned from the franchise have trended towards a more casual experience as seen in Dragon Ball Fusions an RPG, Dragon Ball Xenoverse a RPG/Fighter, and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z a terrible team based battler. However as more promotional videos and images have been released something has stood out more and more, this game visually looks amazing.

One of the defining aspects of both the Dragon Ball manga and various animes has been its visual distinctiveness. The iconic transformations, poses, and of course ultimate attacks. While games have come close to emulating the style they never seemed to have nailed Akira Toriyama’s distinctiveness. This is all the stranger as Akira Toriyama has long lent his design talents to video game properties such as Dragon Quest and one of the best video games ever made in Chrono Trigger.

Dragon Ball Z FighterZ though inane name aside looks to finally end this streak. Not only is it distinctively Dragon Ball but it seems to be Dragon Ball at its best. The 2D Fighting genre and Dragon Ball just seem to go together like chocolate and milk. As removing the third dimension seems to free up more power to bump up the details of the visuals significantly.

It is in these details that Dragon Ball Z FighterZ really seems to shine. With the mutlilayed pulsating aura’s, the exact contours of Goku’s long luxurious Super Saiyan 3 hair, down to the shine on Krillins head. It seems clear this game is being made with the fans of Dragon Ball in mind.


What is also quite impressive is despite clearly being designed with pro competition in mind like most Arc System Works games, Dragon Ball Z FighterZ seems to also have a detailed story mode. With famed scenes from the manga/anime being represented in the video game such as the Father/Son Kamehameha and the arrival of future Trunks all the way up to the currently airing Dragon Ball Super.

Taken all together Dragon Ball FighterZ seems to be shaping up as a treat to both the fans of the anime and fans of fighting game genre. Of course as a fan of anime but not the genre if I ever dare venture online I will be carved up faster then our friendly farmer with a gun, however that wont stop me from buying this game.


Why? Just look at it from the stills, to the game play trailers, and even the impressions from fans this game looks gorgeous. I will go as far to say it is likely the best looking Dragon Ball has ever been. I know things can change between now and release; the colours can dull, the lines can blur, the frame rate can stutter, but for this moment in time right now Dragon Ball you have never looked better.