LoserMLW here with a topic that's come up in a couple of different ways over the last few weeks, and I thought it would be good to have a place to discuss it formally.

**Edit - I had initially intended to place this on TAYClassic only, but I forgot to change the Publish On. Doh. Leaving it here as a clear indication of my lack of proof reading and verification before hitting Save.**

What is TAY's community feeling or policy on cross posting or self-promotion of external sites? We've had people doing it for some time in various forms, and we seem to fluctuate between acceptance and frustration.

The wonderful thing about TAY is that we've been able to keep TAY community-focused, and while we have to have some ads due to the nature of our relationship with Kotaku, our articles and write-ups typically have little to do with authors being reimbursed or trying to drive traffic to an external site.


Are we OK with people trying to use TAY as a way to make money? Let's be honest with ourselves, while some authors just enjoy the writing process, there are others who are using the community as a tool to build a portfolio of articles or build their writing and journalism skills in hopes of getting the Big Break. We currently co-exist and aside from the occasional hiccup, it seems to be working at the moment.

So, where is the line? When do we say, "No, this is clearly someone trying to use the TAY community and it's relationship to Kotaku to profit from or promote interests that lie outside of TAY?


And before we get started - this question is targeted at no one person or activity. It is a general question and is meant to be taken in that way. Let's discuss this with the standard decorum of TAY - that means GIFS are included!