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Durian: first impressions

I (sort of) ate durian for the first time on Thursday and...it was pretty good!

A lot of durian.
Photo: Wikipedia

So if you’re unaware, durian is a fruit that has a very particular reputation; it stinks. In fact, Binging with Babish did a video last year that used durian as one of its ingredients!

The video starts at 4:55, when he starts cutting into the durian. His reaction is a very common one.

While the smell is...pungent, Babish found that the initial taste was that of “fireworks”. Of course, afterwards he couldn’t smell anything, so...yeah.


Anyway, I was out at a local mall and got hungry, so I decided to pick up some “Hong Kong Egg Waffles” (side note: what.) to eat and one of the possible flavors was...durian.

These things are so good!
Image: Kirbie’s Cravings

Hong Kong egg waffles (or eggettes as I call them) are basically little balls of waffle mix, with a very soft inside and mildly crunchy outside. The waffle mix inbetween is crunchy. Depending on the recipe, it can take on a variety of tastes; it just so happens that I chose to add durian to mine.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos, but that’s because I was too busy eating.

The eggettes I had looked like these, except when I went to pull apart a bulb, it felt apart because its insides were quite moist and mushy. As it turns out, the durian was blended into the mixture.

Looking good, huh?
Photo: CNN

Normally, eggettes smell like waffles (really?!), slightly sweet, very baked. The durian eggettes though had a much stronger, pungent smell; it kind of reminded me of meat that’s going slightly odorous.


Similarly, the taste was also that of meat; like a thick cut of flesh, but not quite identifiable like chicken, pork, or beef. The initial taste just reminded me of unnameable meat. This slowly turned into a more musty after taste that stuck around the back of my throat; suffice to say, it was weird.

I kept eating it though, because I started to acquire a taste for it! I just kept popping mushy bits of eggette into my mouth and really liking its taste. It even started to make my mouth feel mildly warm, like eating spicy food but without the heat (which is pain), just warm.


Then the warm feeling gave way to a very dry feeling and I gulped down water - which did nothing to alleviate the taste, as weird as that was.

It’s interesting because people tend to fall into three categories: those who love it, those who hate it, and those who’ve never tried it. Guess I’m someone who likes it!


As someone who also likes to know stuff, when I got home I looked up how durian grows. I wish I didn’t.

They grow on trees, which looks quite normal right now...
Photo: The Earth of India

As it turns out, they grow on trees like many fruits, except how they look in the beginning creeps me out.

Screenshot: Growing Durians Youtube
Wait what?
Screenshot: Growing of Durians Youtube
What did I eat?!
Screenshot: Growing of Durians Youtube

Durians do have flowers after this stage and eventually start forming the spiky bulbs that’re more familiar, but seeing these weird growths really turned me off to them. Never know where your food comes from*! Don’t lose the magic!

*actually, you should always know where your food comes from. Be a responsible eater, especially a responsible meat eater!


Have you tried durian before? Or Hong Kong Egg Waffles? What did you think?

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