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Dying Light Impressions

Imagine Far Cry, Dark Souls and Fallout walk into a bar. But they make a game that basically really cares about 'sploding zombie heads. Like really, you either think that sounds interesting or not.

So the first few hours the game feels very much like you expect: a quest line throwing you around from point to point showing you the basics and a dark world to toy around in. But instead of going quite towards the Metro direction a few more hours in you find out the game actually has a serious sense of humor about quests. The designers take full effect of the fact that basically everyone is going crazy now.


I mean it is a real dark story thinking about all these people trying to survive in a city several weeks after the zombie outbreak, locked away from the outside world with only a few supply drops of the needed anti-zombifying medicine a day. And the game is fairly dark, but there's also this sense of humor that wistfully keeps the player from going nuts. This isn't like a Fallout game where everything is OK and then you get that one journal that explains how people went for cannibalism, more the opposite that in between some of the darker story segments you deal with the craziest people.

And like Far Cry we get jumping puzzles and whatnot, but these jumping puzzles will kill you, dead. Basically the only way to get killed doing a tower in Far Cry 4 was to just fail completely, but in Dying Light the designers constantly throw these sorts of things at you at a height that will definitely kill you.

Also when night falls it really is nuts. You get stronger and can deal with this stuff better, but you can easily just get decimated. And if you die you lose XPs. I mean not a terrible amount, but if you aren't careful you can really set yourself back. It's that way through most of the game really, you're actually careful of falling off these ledges because you're afraid of the death followed by a "lost 1200 survivor experience points" message. Just thinking, damn I still need like 40,000 more of those.


Really great game, but it's cut from a different sort of cloth than I think people might imagine. I mean there's a Destiny loot cave easter egg in the game. Even with this info though, this is still a game where you spend most of your time blowing up zombie heads. If that sounds fun to you this game is probably waiting to chew up a few hours of your life. If not you won't enjoy this one. Also the game is quite difficult solo. Obviously this sort of stuff changes based on power over time, but if you play co-op the normal stuff gets way easier-however the near impossible night time stuff becomes less impossible. So if you don't plan on ever playing cooperatively it's going to be a tougher game.

I think the game is rad.

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