This probably wont' be a regular feature, but I think there are far too few VIDEO GAME related music threads in TAY. That changes today!

I want you guys to share your favorite video game music remixes. I don't want the original song. I want mashups, new stylistic interpretations, etc. To get you started off, I'm providing two of my favorites:

Shadow Man's Theme from the OneUps. The OneUps do some REALLY great mixes, but their Jazz and Funk remixes are the best. I love the energy in this piece. It stays close to the original, but they put their own unique spin on it.

Next is a jazz ballad of the Pokke Village theme from Monster Hunter. I just love the subdued melody, and the solo sections are very well played.

I lied and decided to give you three. Contraband definitely deserves a mention here. The synchronization of the saxophones during the runs are perfect. There's not a single miss, and those are some REALLY difficult runs to make. The skill these guys have absolutely blows me away.

So, what are your favorite remixes? Feel free to share below!