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E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy is on sale on Steam for only $2

E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy is a strange, strange game. It's a game that can't be described in a single word alone, or even multiple words for that matter. It's a game that's so buggy and broken beyond repair that it should be a nightmare to play and yet for some reason I find myself drawn into it inexplicably. It's a game with a world so deep and intriguing that the more I think and read about it the less I understand. It's a game that's had such bad reception that I just felt the need to recommended to the rest of the CommuniTAY (Can I "tay-ify" words now? Is that okay).

E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy is a so-cyberpunk-it-makes-Deus-Ex-look-Amish science fiction/fantasy/something FPS/RPG/I-guess game in which you play the role of a medieval-ninja-stormtrooper, stopping nasty people from doing nasty things. Well, at least that last part was simple.


It is made on the Source engine and features an incredible, wonderful, completely bizarre world, and despite its many glaring flaws I can't help but feel that Streum software made a real underrated in the rough. I feel everybody should have a look at it, even though it's a real love it or hate it game. But seeing as it's on sale now, you could probably afford to have a look-see. It'll only cost you a coffee at the nearest Starbucks.


Be sure to also try out the demo, first.

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