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E3 is right around the corner, officially beginning on Monday, but unofficially having already started. With that in mind, let’s make some bold predictions for the gaming industry!

[Quick Side Note: Understand that, due to my high-ranking, W-Level access to the industry, I’m in a privileged position of knowledge. But because of NDAs, I have to pretend to be guessing.]


Microsoft may have decided to hold their press event the day before E3 actually starts, but Sony is too cool to even do that- they’ve chosen to forgo the event entirely. Given that gaming is one of the last industries still trying to promote rivalry amongst consumers, I’d say it’s safe to assume Sony is plotting to pull the rug out from XBOX in some way. So here are my predictions:

- Sony will release a sweet “State of Play” video full of huge announcements in the middle of the XBOX conference
- In the video, they will unveil their newest handheld, a Tegra X2-Powered Tablet that can connect to TVs and be played with a DualShock 4. They will also show off their newest proprietary media format, as well as the $399 price point
- If Microsoft shows off Project xCloud at all, there will be a reveal of the All New PlayStation Now. “It’s Better” is the current slogan
- A special video from Kojima Productions will reveal that Death Stranding is also coming to the new handheld and there’s already merch for the announcement plus a toy deal

Microsoft has been lagging behind this entire generation, to the point that Apple almost bought XBOX [if anyone remembers those stories]. But no longer! XBOX is coming out the gate swinging:

- Halo Infinite and Gears of War 5 will be announced as being the same game- a “Fortnite Killer” filled to the brim with “dank memes” and built for streamers
- Fable 4 will be officially revealed to be called “Fable 4-za” and will feature a robust creator for the player’s vehicles
- Expect a big showing from Rare as they announce Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts 2, alongside a 45 minute demo
- Microsoft plans to unveil their next digital-only console and has set aside a significant amount of time to poorly explain why cloud gaming is the future in a way that both turns off consumers and has sinister undertones


Nintendo actually forgot about E3 this year. There are no announcements after they leaked that Pokémon Direct.


Well, that’s it for me when it comes to exclusive, privileged information that legally I have to pretend are predictions. How about you guys? What totally real, juicy info are YOU privy to? Jump in the comments and let’s discuss!



Thanks for reading. If you’d like to hear some “real” [i.e. not legit like these] predictions, check out the Gaming Casual podcast here:


And hey, maybe next time I won’t have to fight so hard with Kinja to post?

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