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The general consensus has formed and it is not good for E3 2019, it sucked. What is even worse is it was not cringe inducing like some famed E3 performances of the past it was just boring. For a convention that revolves around building hype it was pretty hard to get hyped up about four similar looking Tom Clancy games and Bethesda admitting defeat and adding NPCs to Fallout 76.

However, one thing struck me and quite a few other people 2019 and early 2020 are going to be a huge year for games as the next generation of consoles prepares to launch. For just about every type of game consumer something is going to be there for you over the next few months, potentially dozens of games. Unlike E3 this generation will not close with a wimper but a bang.


For fans of Japanese games like myself 2019 is already stacked to the gills. Over the next three months we will see a new Zelda, Fire Emblem, Trails of Cold Steel 3, Astral Chain from Platinum Games, and a major expansion for Final Fantasy XIV. Along with enough ports of classic games to keep even the most traditionally focused gamer happy including a Mana game never previously released in North America.

At the beginning of this generation it was an open question if the Japanese Role Playing Game was dead. 2019 and 2020 proves this was never the case as the Japanese games are largely anchoring the end of this generation. This does not even include Final Fantasy VII-Remake a game people have been clamouring for for over a decade with a March 2020 release. What is even more amazing is the notoriously hard to please gamer hive mind seems to have settled upon the outlandish notion the game looks good, great even. After one of the strongest showcases at an otherwise lacklustre E3.

For the game consumer who likes a slower paced but still satisfying experience Nintendo will be finally putting out a new Animal Crossing game - a release I know for a fact many are eagerly awaiting. Of course it fell out of 2019 to March 2020 (got to get it in that Fiscal year...) however the long awaited title finally seems to be making its appearance.


As Japan goes full throttle the West seems to be taking things a little slower. That being said, Western developers have a decent amount on offer too. CD Projekt Red surprised folks at E3 with Keanu Reeves who will be headlining their next major release in Cyberpunk 2077, considering CD Projek Red is responsible for my personal reigning Game of the Generation in The Witcher 3 this is a huge release for 2020. Speaking of The Witcher 3 it is going portable with a Switch version I am curious to see how it exists, considering the sheer scope of the game.


Other titles include Gears of War 5 and Borderlands 3. Titles sure to please fans who like their big guns and even bigger people wielding them. However, these seem small compared to the launch of Star Wars: Fallen Order the first single player Star Wars experience in quite a while and Doom: Eternal the followup to the surprisingly awesome Doom.

These two titles both launching in November though face stiff competition for your money as Hideo Kojima returns to the field with who knows what in Death Stranding. Also I keep feeling like I am forgetting something... oh ya... Pokemon Sword and Shields launch signifies the first time a mainline Pokemon game launches on a home console. A launch virtually guaranteed to ensure Nintendo’s dominance this holiday season.


What is amazing is everything listed is only a small portion of games being released in the near future. Games I have been long awaiting like Code Vein could easily be pushed aside along with smaller titles like Daemon x Machina. With other titles such as Tales of Arise coming quickly as well.


While it is undeniable E3 2019 was a let down, an understandable one but still a let down. The rest of the year and the next looks to be anything but. A great way to finish the 8th Console Generation as we move towards the 9th. The only bad thing is the cost, our wallets are going to be hurting...

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