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EA to Implement Micro-Transactions

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare will be receiving the microtransaction treatment soon.


What a surprise! I would never expect EA games to implement a microtransaction system in one of their games! Oh wait... Now that I think about it, I can't think of many EA games that doesn't implement this.

The goal here is to obviously increase profits on this game, which some people already have payed $30 dollars to play. Sigh... EA why do you have to do this? I think that you should maybe change the game to a F2P model if this how you want to do things.

How the microtransactions are set up in the game are as follows: you can buy coins to buy randomized card packs that contain random aesthetic items, characters, and random add-ons. This is the same system as featured in many of their games, such as any of their sports titles that features an Ultimate Team mode, or the most similar to this system is the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer microtransactions.


Sure, you can earn the coins by just playing the game, but to get the best and rarest items quickly, you can buy the coins. I think this system is poisonous, and pretty greedy. Though, I am not in the least surprised that EA is doing this with PvZ: Garden Warfare. That is because EA is both poisonous, and really greedy.

We all live in the era of microtransactions it seems. What does everyone think about microtransactions like this? Are they a bit unfair? Are they justified because the company is only trying to make more money? Hmm....

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