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Earlier in the TAY IRC...

In which Kinja kinjas, Empress imparts art knowledge, Sa1vador stalks Furbs, we talk soap, and a Pokethulu smites a IRC TAYER.

Once again, the names have not been changed because we really don’t care about protecting anyone.


<Raithulu> Ahhhhh KINJAAAAAAAAAAA!


<TheGeekEmpress> What happened?

<Raithulu> redesigns again

<TheGeekEmpress> If it ain’t broke, it ain’t Kinja

<Raithulu> more breaking

<Sa1vador> Both of those statements are true

<TheGeekEmpress> And I’m glad you like the print Sal, I’m hoping that these new prints are big sellers at my upcoming con

<TheGeekEmpress> Still sooo much work left on the FFVI print though it’s look more done than less

<Aikage> wait who is duck

<Aikage> ermagerd

<Sa1vador> Empress

<Aikage> Injustice is so good

<Sa1vador> Hello Furbs

<Sa1vador> Is that the print ya working on now duck?

<Sa1vador> VI?

<TheGeekEmpress> Yup, it’s the last one

<TheGeekEmpress> I laid the flats and soft shade today

<Sa1vador> No idea what you said

<TheGeekEmpress> Flats are the comic book coloring term for the big blocks of color


<TheGeekEmpress> soft shade means going in with a really cloudy looking brush

<Sa1vador> Ah.

<TheGeekEmpress> I do that because the more colors an image has, the more realistic the final result


<Sa1vador> Ah

<Sa1vador> Aight

* Sa1vador is learning

<Raithulu> Any one for smashing?

<Sa1vador> Hotline Miami. Cause I gotta bounce in like 15

<Raithulu> I don’t have that.

<Sa1vador> It’s not multiplayer. I was just stating what I was doing

<Raithulu> oh

<Sa1vador> As a way of telling you I can’t

<Aikage> I’m going home

<Aikage> and ZI don’t have smash

<Aikage> I’m poor

<TheGeekEmpress> I’ve been too busy to play anything, and I don’t have a Wii U o the 3DS copy


<Sa1vador> Don’t you drive a Beemer Aikage?

<Aikage> can 3ds play with wiiu version?

<Aikage> I do....

<Aikage> how did you know that

<Sa1vador> Uh

<Aikage> DUN DUN DUN

<Sa1vador> You posted about it last year and how it was stick and you didn’t know how to


<Aikage> oh yeah

<Aikage> I just recently learned too

<Aikage> hahahah

<Sa1vador> Also, your low on milk in your fridge and left your bedroom door unlocked. Pick up your sock.


<Aikage> don’t shift when it’s at 3k rpm

<Aikage> THat’s all........surprisingly accurate

<Sa1vador> :D

<Aikage> I’m actually on my way to the store to get milk and some groceries for my daughter’s lunches


<Raithulu> I just got milk

<Aikage> and i have laundry laying on the floor

<TheGeekEmpress> whoops gotta go, dinner time

<Sa1vador> Lates Duck

<Raithulu> later

<TheGeekEmpress> Ciao gents!

* TheGeekEmpress has quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium http://www.kvirc.net/)

<Sa1vador> I tried to do laundry, but no soap.

<Raithulu> No soap? I have no dryer.

<Sa1vador> I want milk, but everyone would drink it.

<Sa1vador> Before I could get to it.

<Sa1vador> You have a washer but no dryer Raith?

<Raithulu> Buy canned milk then

<Aikage> I make my own laundry soap

<Raithulu> It broke

<Sa1vador> Ah

<Raithulu> and I have a kitten

<Raithulu> It’s horrid

<Aikage> It’s way way way cheaper. Gotta maintain my beemer lifestyle


<Raithulu> I have no clean clothes

<Raithulu> um no

<Raithulu> not fur

<Aikage> box of borax, box of biz, box of washing powder, box of baking soda, three bars fels naptha


<Aikage> about 16 bucks and lasts me 8 months or so

<Sa1vador> Damn

<Sa1vador> That’s impressive.

<Aikage> It has no scent though

<Sa1vador> I was hoping for people fat though. Call you Tyler.

<Raithulu> wuh?

<Aikage> but otherwise I use it for my gym clothes even and htey smell like nothing afterwards


<Aikage> ahahah I have no lipo clinics near me

<Sa1vador> Fight Club reference Pika

<Raithulu> no!

<Sa1vador> Um,

<Sa1vador> Yes

<Sa1vador> ?




* Raithulu kills sal

* Sa1vador will ressurect in three days

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