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EA's latest F2P cashgrab, Dungeon Keeper, doing just fine

But the hoopla surrounding Dungeon Keeper on mobile will subside as the gaming public finds some new outrage. Divorced from the reaction from gamers on the internet, DK is performing much stronger financially than the more traditional Ultima Forever. In the first 10 days of launch, Ultima did not crack the US top 200 grossing chart on either iPhone or iPad (according to App Annie). In the same time period, DK has enjoyed a median top grossing position of 156 on the iPhone and 81 on the iPad. This is a significant improvement for Mythic's F2P outings (yet not as strong as Heroes of Dragon Age's median top grossing positions of 34.5 on iPhone and 33 on iPad).

To corporate ears, players speak much louder with their wallets than their Reddit posts. Given the improved performance of Dungeon Keeper and the strong performance of Heroes of Dragon Age (earning it 3 mentions by new CEO Andrew Wilson in the most recent quarterly earnings call) we can expect more F2P mobile games based off brands both current and classic. And with those classic games, the longer it has been since a game has been released in the series the more outrage we can expect to see garnering headlines across the internet. - Gamasutra


Whelp. Looks like for all the one star reviews, for all the comparisons to cancer, for how much the original creator Molyneux thinks its rubbish... EA's DK is doing just fine.

How can this be! cries the shocked gaming illuminati of Kotaku. Surely this was destined for failure! Do people not understand how horrible this game is?

After the numbers above? No. No they do not. Dear friends, I think we are finally witnessing our own marginalisation. Games were originally for geeks and nerds. No cool person would be caught dead playing a computer game when there was football to be played or watched, or girls to be whistled at. Then came the influx of the dudebro games, the Maddens, the CODs. Now, finally, the people who don't care about games are turning the tide with F2P. Now, companies who don't care about games can make games for people who don't care about games and make money off them.


We have finally been marginalised.

Will gamers have to turn to kickstarter to simply pay for a game upfront? Become like the adventure game fans, who had to pay two years in advance for Broken Age?


I don't want to sound all doom and gloom, but in the face of numbers shown, we have to accept reality. EA? EA won. And continues to win.


EA and their ilk don't need us any more.

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