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I'm really feeling it!
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BURBANK & REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) and Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) yesterday announced a new multi-year exclusive licensing agreement to develop and publish globally new games based on Star Wars characters and storylines. Like Disney's decision to make annual Star Wars movies, EA will make quarterly Star Wars Games for all the amazing fans out there.


We at EA, understand and appreciate the dedication of so many fans of the series and we realize there are still some uneasy about the transition from Lucas Arts. We would like to put those fears to rest, as we at EA can assure all Star Wars fans that we will treat the series with the same amount of respect and quality assurance that we afford every EA product. To that end, last night we finished the design docs for five new Star Wars games that we wish to share with you now. That's right, our dedicated teams worked through the night as we induced thought provoking drugs to help their creative energies flow more steadily. The end result, which we are sure you will agree is top notch! We have included below a brief synopsis for each new game:

Sim Death Star: For the first time ever gamers get a chance manage, build and simulate their very own Death Star. But in this Death Star intergalactic takeovers aren't the only thing to deal with, what about those cafeteria lines! Gamers can simulate work shifts for their clones, order new parts, buy upgrades to their weaponry and have to deal with the occasional natural disaster or Rebel attack. Making your Death Star efficent will be even more challenging with unexpected visits from Darth Vader and The Emperor. And with the always on connectivity, purchasing new designs for your ship has never been easier.


Battlefield Tatooine: Are you ready to go above and beyond the call, in space? Battlefield Tatooine will finally let gamers get in the foreground of epic battles. This FPS title lets gamers blasts friends online, making no room for space newbs or younglings. Plus, we are offering special XP bonuses for anyone who pre-orders, and of course for season pass holders, we will be releasing our Naboo map pack two weeks post launch. Don't forget to purchase our newly announced Mountain Dew flavor Jedi Mist for some extra XP when you need to get extreme.

Star Wars Online: Gungan Adventure: See all your favorite Star Wars characters, twisted, deformed, and animated in ways you never wished. For only $20.99 a month, you can select from one of three Jar Jar Bink character models and set our your quest to save the galaxy with federation trade agreements!


Plants Vs Wookies: You thought Zombies were bad enough, but now a Zombiefied Chewbacca is at your door and he has brought all his Zombie Wookie friends! Looks like you will have to defend your home with all of the plants in your arsenal, but in a true revolutionary game change, we are now allowing the sun to be a micro-transaction! Having a difficult time with a level? Well, at just $1 dollar per unit of sun, you can pay your way out of trouble. Look for it on Facebook, PS Vita, XBOX Live, PSN and Nintendo 3DS. Also, to help make this game the best it can be, we have started a Kickstater, and if we make it to $3 million in donations, we will add Master Yoda into the game!

Mass Effect Wars: Finally, two great franchises coming together at last. After the fall of Commander Sheppard, Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker must team up together to stop a new evil: The Super Reapers. This new evil can only be squashed by your newly created character as you rebuild Sheppard's team and pilot the Millennium Falcon to take on The Super Reapers and The Illusive man (who is totally still alive). Light Sabers and Biotics combine in space in this new 7 part saga, for which we are now taking pre-orders at the retail cost of only $299.99 per title.


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