Elementary School Girls Want To Rip Faces Off Next Spring

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Elementary School Girls Want To Rip Faces Off Next Spring

Nottington - Controversy burbles in Illinois as three girls from Stalwart Elementary school are reportedly making a video game with mature content.

"We call the game Rip Your Face Off," explained Eva Wang, 5th grade, director and lead designer for the game. "It's a FPS where, instead of shooting anything, you rip faces off."

Students from Mrs. Pollock's 8th grade class were treated to a special show-and-tell presentation last Friday where Wang and her staff unveiled the playable demo.

The game features state-of-the-art graphics, a fully orchestrated soundtrack by Lilyann Davis, 4th grader, as well as cutting edge game mechanics.

"Kate Williams-Gomez, our lead programmer, understands Frostbite so thoroughly, she makes all our face-tearing action very life-like," Wang said.


Though many classmates feel a lot of anticipation about this new game, some express doubt they will ever play it. The game is slotted to be rated as M for Mature.

"Sure, I'd totally love to rip faces off, but do you think my Dad likes face ripping? Not even a little bit! He's so uncool," said Nathan, 6th grade.

Moreover, some parents simply do not agree that children should be allowed to develop the game at all.


Amanda Pirkle, 37, PTA president, is the game's most vocal critic.

"Is it really okay for kids to design a game with content that they themselves aren't technically allowed to play?"

"Of course they can," Mr. Donald Wang, the lead designer's father, said."Designing this game teaches them so many valuable skills, including computer programming and how to work as a team."


But would he let his daughter play it?

"All the parents who have children on the development team agree: absolutely not. It's gory, violent, and has way too much cussing."

Rip Your Face Off is slated for release in Spring 2014 on PC, Mac, and Linux.

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