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Elihu's Four in February 2016: I Sass in Creed Concerts & Untie

Here we are back again! I was only two days off of my personal guestimate for when I was going to finish this behemoth. I could have finished sooner if I hadn’t faffed about with other stuff IRL, but I’ll be getting into that in this write-up.

Freedom to kill

So, Assassin’s Creed Unity takes a much more AC1 approach to the actual assassination missions: You could just go in there and kill the target, but have a hard time getting in or out; or you can do a bit of set-up, and make it easier to get to the target and escape without leaving a trace. Well, without leaving much of a trace. Alright, without dying. I typically went out of my way to use as many of the opportunities as I could; but I’d also be a bit reckless and kill a few guards. This usually had the side effect of attracting other guards, which usually resulted in me smoke-bombing, stabbing the target, then running away as soon as the cutscene ended, in the cloud of smoke and with 10+ guards on my tail.


On that note, most of the assassination missions had fairly simple full sync requirements, almost all of which were “kill x guys with (insert assassination technique)”. Sometimes, I’d have to disable alarm bells, other times I would have to avoid triggering alarms (which were only triggered by alarm bells, which I always tried to disable first). I wound up achieving full sync on all of the story missions, making this game the easiest game to do so in yet. (Black Flag was a close second, and I haven’t played Rogue or Syndicate yet).

Lots to do

I’ll admit, if I wasn’t trying to finish Unity with enough time to zoom through Transistor and The Old Blood, I’d have spent a lot more time with Unity, doing all the sidequests. There’s an absurd amount of sidequests, co-op missions, and collectibles.


I did a few sidequests, all of the Cafe Théatre missions, and whichever companion app sidequests came along, and two co-op missions; despite all that, there were a lot of mission icons all over the map.


Mind you, I did the co-ops solo, as the progress tracker allows you to launch the co-op missions privately, so you don’t have to wait forever for matchmaking to fail to find anybody. It would appear nobody else is playing this game anymore, which I can deal with.

Other thoughts

So it turns out that I had a real hard time playing this game for more than a few hours at a time. I feel like Unity has only a very small part of the the blame here; I’ve been finding it harder and harder to sit around for hours at a time and play the same game unless I’m talking to somebody.


It was real nice playing this game after the patches that unlocked the missions and chests that were out, as I didn’t have to deal with any of the app stuff.


It was also nice being able to finish the game, since I’ve had this game since launch. To explain, when I pre-ordered the game and looked at the minimum requirements, I had an incorrect knowledge of the Nvidia heirarchy, and thought because my card was a 750, which is a higher number than 680, I thought I’d be able to play the game. I was wrong.

For the record, Nvidia currently numbers their cards XY0, where X is the generation number, and Y is the model number. The model number is the more important number of the two, and will usually indicate whether or not your card can run the game.


Back to the story, I had pushed the card to run the game for roughly 10-ish hours, with the game giving me severe frame stutters every minute or so. This wound up screwing up my card in ways that didn’t become apparent until I bought Talos Principle in the Winter Sale that year, and could only run it for a few minutes at a time before crashing on minimum. I paid no mind to the error, and told myself that I’d get a new card and try again later. Then GTAV came out and I bought that and got more or less the same error, with the game crashing every hour or so, and the crashes getting more frequent as time went on.

The crashes were the result of the card thinking it was overheating and doing a quick restart to try to stop it from breaking. Having taken apart my case and checking to see if it was getting more than enough air and that it wasn’t dusty, I came to the conclusion that one of the fans on the card was probably malfunctioning, and I was pretty sure it was Unity’s fault.


To cut this story short, I wound up getting a new card and finished GTAV and Talos, forgetting about Unity for a few months. I finally remembered I still had Unity and decided to set it aside for February, and here we are, having finished it!

Final thoughts

Unity was a lot of fun! I’ll probably dive back in to finish off the mountain of sidequests and the Dead Kings DLC (which I didn’t do). The modern-day plot was a bit...lacking, but I’ll take any bit of modern day shenanigans, as they’re almost always insane and entertaining. Arno’s story was a lot of fun, and I do wish he were a bit more fleshed out, as he has the potential to be one of the more likable Assassins.


What’s next?


So, it’s Transistor time! I’ve played a bit already prior to February, but I’ll restart, as I’m pretty sure I wasn’t more than an hour in, and I’m pretty sure it’s about as long as Bastion,so I’m not expecting it to take forever.

I’ll see you when I’m done Transistor!

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