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Elihu's Four in February 2016: The End is Nigh. Like, For Real This Time.

Alright, I’ve had a short break, lasting couple of hours, time to bang out my wrap-up!

What do you mean it’s the evening of the 5th of March? It was literally just the 1st like an hour ago! I- wait. It happened again, didn’t it?


On a serious note, I actually straight-up forgot to write this, sorry for the delay!

Alright, so I’ve finished my Four in February for 2016, with some time to spare. What did I play? What did I think of these? Where can you read them if you happened to have missed one of the articles? All of these questions and more will be answered by this article’s end.

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin


So, I ran around a secret Armacham facility, I ran around a city, and I impregnated a spooky ghost lady, all while shooting things, experiencing bullet-time, and experiencing spooky events. As mentioned in the write up, the J-horror tropes weren’t as effective for me, although I could see how people could get spooked; the plot and most of the characters were largely forgettable; the gunplay was excellent (as should be expected from Monolith Productions); and the mechs were cool.

My write-up for F.E.A.R. 2 can be found here.

Assassin’s Creed Unity


I wound up discovering a game that was really big. Like, there was too much for me to do in just over a week. I also discovered that there’s a good game there, once all the bugs and the app-tethered-content has been fixed/unlocked. The minimal modern day plot was lacking, and barely sated my appetite for bonkers modern-day shenanigans, although Arno’s story was quite exciting. I wound up appreciating the freedom that Unity allowed players with regards to the actual assassinations, as they wound up feeling like the best parts of the first Assassin’s Creed.

My write-up for Assassin’s Creed Unity can be found here.



Supergiant Games’ second excursion was every bit as good as their first. The more personal story of Red and her relationship with the Transistor was heartwarming; the pseudo-turn-based combat was a joy; the rest of the mechanics felt just right. All of this added up to a game I’m a bit ashamed that I didn’t play when it was new.

My write-up for Transistor can be found here.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood


I came, I saw Nazis, I conquered. Well, I conquered the game’s normal difficulty. The most difficult chapter in The Old Blood is halfway through the game and is actually quite the challenge on Uber, the game’s hardest difficulty. The game’s new climbing mechanic felt really solid, there were some cool easter eggs, the nightmares were a lot of fun, and the zombies weren’t overused. I recommend that fans of The New Order pick up and play The Old Blood.

My write-up for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood can be found here.

Anything else?

I did complete a few games on the side: Firewatch, Persona 4 Golden (After like two and a half years, true ending and everything, I’m doing a perfect NG+ now), Pokemon Picross (I’ve hit the credits, I’m doing all the puzzles/missions I missed now), and Cibele.


But other than that, this was everything I promised for this year’s Four in February, I’ll definitely do this again next year (and I’ll try to be more punctual with the articles, too).

As for anything else I’m going to write between now and then, I still technically have a TAY review for Shiny Days HQ to do, but I’m a bit conflicted on whether or not I should do it, since it deals with a few more… risque things? that weren’t present in the first game, School Days. Since it is a ero-Visual Novel/Dating Sim, there’s graphic material (which wouldn’t be shown in the review), but some of the paths deal with definitely underage people, which have been censored for the English release, and some paths deal with people who are a lot closer to the protagonist’s age, but could still be iffy, which near as I can tell, are still in the game. So, this is my standing offer: if anybody else is willing to do the review for Shiny Days HQ, they’re more than welcome to it. I’ll still play through it on my own time and might write about it, but I’m not yet sure if it’s something I want to properly review or just write a thinkpiece on.


I’ll see you all the next time I write something!

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