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Elihu's Four in February 2017: It's Over, Isn't It?

I’m truly sorry.

I failed.

I made it through two games, only wrote one article (the other is half done, and I might need to scrap and re-write the whole thing), and I just abandoned a game partway through because I liked the game I was playing so much.


This is not how a Four in February is supposed to go. This is failure, and I don’t even have an excuse this time.

What did I manage to do? Let’s review:

Tattletail, or why difficulty curves should be more curve-like and not just a cliff one needs to scale

Boy, that’s one wordy header. I started this game partway through my Resident Evil 4 playthrough, as I had this “brilliant idea” that I’d play through all the games at once, switching off when I got stuck or when I got tired of playing the current game. I breezed past Tattletail’s first few days, and then I got stuck on the last two days for quite some time. Tattletail had potential to be a really good spooky game, and if the mechanic for Mama to find you were just a little bit more lenient, it’d be just a tad easier, and I feel a better game. Mama also needed to show up on the second night, frontloading all the tutorial (breaking things, noise management, caring for your Tattletail) on the first night. The second and third nights would be what are currently the third and fourth nights, with the new fourth night being somewhere in difficulty between the current fourth and fifth nights.

I really wanted to like the game, I really did. But by the end, I was just super frustrated with it, and frustration does not a good horror game make.


Resident Evil 4, or why I should stop being bad at games and taking so long with them


Oh, so this is what we’re doing now? Alright, Cool beans.

I kicked off the month with Resident Evil 4, and I was having a blast with the game, getting used to the controls and how the game plays. I then got stuck at the end of Chapter 2-2, a “kill X enemies in a tight enclosed space to progress” bit in the game. I wound up being stuck there for three or four days, getting more and more fed up with the game. I then got past that part, and then only hit a few snags here and there. When I was almost done Chapter 3, I had a person from China watch my Steam stream and give me advice on how to deal with bosses and other parts. They were a great help and I’m super glad they were there to cheer me on.


When I actually did finish Resident Evil 4, it was February 16th, over half a month from when I started. There’s not much more to add, I was just straight-up bad at the game and didn’t get through it anywhere near as fast as I had hoped.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, or why too much stuff in your game is very distracting


Syndicate is the other reason why I failed. There’s just so much to do, and I just wanted to do it all. I still am doing it all. There’s a bunch of side-quests that don’t originally look like side-quests, and there’s all the Ubisoft collectibles that every Ubisoft open-world game must have, and some of those collectibles hide unlockable stuff to make the game easier, and there’s just so much to do. Steam says I’ve dumped 37 hours into the game already, and I’m at a mid-50 percent sync rate, and I have barely done anything in the game’s fifth sequence yet. That’s basically just me liberating all the districts, finding the collectibles that unlock a different suit, doing a bunch of sidequests, and climbing all the viewpoints. As much as I liked Unity, and I did like Unity a lot for it’s back-to-basics approach to the assassinations amongst other things, I’ve been having an absolute ball with Syndicate.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent, or how I got very distracted by everything else


The header says it all. I played a bit during Tattletail, I played a bit more after Resident Evil 4, and I haven’t touched it since. The game isn’t bad, I’ve been having a ball with that too, it’s just that Syndicate has eaten up all my time since then. Where did I get to? Well, I just finished a tense hallway chase with what the Amnesia wiki calls a Kaernk, but what I called Chad. Why Chad? Because he’s a bro. He won’t mess with you if you don’t mess with your stuff, and if you just leave him be and stay out of his place, everyone’s all good. Granted, his place is water, and the bit where he lives has so much water, and the game is designed for you to run around in the water to open up doors and stuff, so, you’ll be disturbing Chad a lot. And then you enter a long series of watery hallways with boxes blocking your path and a bigger, angrier Chad chasing after you, and once I cleared that bit, I moved on to Syndicate proper.

It’s over, isn’t it? Why can’t I move on?

I’m about as subtle as a bag of bricks, aren’t I?

I’m aware that I’ve only written one article, and my whole schtick for Four in February is that I write an article for each game. So, as time goes on, I will have articles for the other three games, starting with Resident Evil 4, as that’s the one I’ve actually finished the game for.

Don’t expect them all right away, however. I’m intending to go through Syndicate at the rate I’ve been going through it so far, and I want to include the Jack the Ripper DLC as a part of the article too. Once that’s done, then I can give Amnesia the attention it deserves and play through what is already a great example of a horror game.


There’s also the small factor of the Switch being out literally tomorrow, and my pre-order for that and Breath of the Wild are fully paid off and just waiting for my store to open early tomorrow (no midnight release for us, unfortunately). But, I assure you, my readers and fellow TAY authors, that I will get those articles up.

So, thanks for everything, and I’ll see you when I finish the Resident Evil 4 article!


Elihu typically lurks around TAY reading the occasional article and occasionally comments on Kotaku articles. Every February he writes his Four in February articles for TAY, and on rare occasions writes words about not-4iF things. You can reach him over at Twitter: @elihuaran or by contacting him via email: elihuaran@gmail.com

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