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Elihu's Four in February 2018: Isn't That the Game About the City, or the Truck?

I really wanted this to come out on time. Seriously, I did.

Why So Late??

I finished Tacoma on February 5th, and I wanted to get the Brothers writeup out of the way before I wrote anything about Tacoma, as a way to internally compartmentalize the two. Did it work? (no) Was it worth it? (no) Who knows! (I do) We live here now.


What is Tacoma?

Tacoma is a “Stroll-Playing Game” where you play as Amitjyoti Ferrier, a subcontractor hired to recover an AI from the Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma, a deserted space station. In order to recover the AI, Ami must travel to the different sections of the station and plug in a retrieval unit into each area and either wait the solid hour it would take normally, or to speed up the process, explore the last few days of the Tacoma crew as they face impending death.

You see, what happened aboard the Tacoma is that some debris hit the station and damaged the communications array and the oxygen reserves, leaving the crew with just a few days worth of air and no way to call for help. The bulk of the game is exploring the crew’s final hours and discovering their fate through AR logs and recordings. This is not unlike Gone Home’s way of having your sister talk to you about her life through diary entries as you unlock more of the house, although the interior of the Tacoma is easier to navigate than Gone Home’s titular location.




This game was very good. I got very invested in everyone’s personal stories and spent a bunch of time wandering around looking at things. I even played an entire round of pool! (There’s a pool table in the first section of the ship that you’re allowed access to).

Once again, I’m finding it very hard to write anything about this, something that I’ll explain in a later article that I’m starting as soon as I finish this one. I really did like this game, and I would whole-heartedly recommend that anybody who loved Gone Home play Tacoma, they are very much cut from the same cloth. I look forward to The Fullbright Company’s next story-heavy game, should they choose to do more.


What’s Next?

I should have an article coming up very soon(?) that will explain a few things about why I changed my third game, and what that means for the future. I’ll see you then!


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