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Elihu's Four in February 2018: Journey's End

So here we are. This is where I’d normally do a writeup about the third game I played for my Four in February, but this isn’t that article. This is an announcement.

Where to Begin?

Well, the beginning, silly. And that was years and years ago, back in 2013. Four in February was brand-new, TAY was its’ own message wall that Kotaku hosted, and a bunch of us were just hanging out for the heck of it. I had heard of Four in February, and had started to play a few games, and partway through, I wrote that I was doing it and had fun with whichever games I was playing.


The next year, TAY had changed. The Great Kinja had consumed Gawker Media, and with that, TAY had changed to being its’ own fan-run site where people wrote articles so that we could get noticed by Kotaku-senpai, and maybe have our own fleeting moments of “we can be gamz jurnlists too!”. And in the beginning, there were a few of us (not me) that put out really good stuff! And they got featured from time to time!

So, in that first year of the new TAY, in 2014, I decided to try to actually write these writeups for TAY. Since I didn’t have authorship, I just wrote on my personal Kinja Blog, and tagged the appropriate tags so that actual TAY authors could share them when they got noticed. And guess what? My first writeups were very, very bad. But I didn’t care, I was writing! I was improving my craft! And by the end of that year? Still not great, but I was already noticeably better at this whole “writing” thing.

At some point between the end of February 2014 and the start of February 2015 I had received authorship, so I could post my writeups (and like the two actual TAY Reviews I ever did) directly to TAY without someone needing to approve them. What followed was a few years of more or less writing a bunch of stuff every February and feeling good about it. In those years, I encountered a few setbacks along the way in the form of: late articles; switching games midway through; hosting guests; etc.; but I always got them out.

What’s the Relevance?


After I realized that The Silver Case was gonna take me forever and wasn’t suitable for my Four in February, I started to look for alternative games. I had seriously considered playing Outlast 2, but after playing that for about half an hour I realized I wasn’t in the mood. I then picked up Descenders, that new procedurally generated downhill mountain biking game, and thought maybe I’d consider doing a whole run from start to finish in a single go and count that. I even had an inkling for how to write it, but then I decided that I was having too much fun with the other games I was playing on my own time.

On top of that, I was having problems writing about the first two games. I had fun with them, I enjoyed them, but there wasn’t much for me to write about them, at least not how I normally write the writeups. Which is kind of confusing, because I zoomed through the first bit of the Tacoma writeup in like no time, then I got stuck real hard on the “Thoughts” portion of the writeup. I was planning on doing a more in depth analysis on the games’ themes, but I was drawing blanks.


All of this brings me to today’s topic: As suggested by this article’s title (and the header image), I’m ending my Four in February.

What About the Future?

Honestly? I’ll still consider doing Four in February in the future, but I don’t think I’ll write about every game. It’s become difficult to write anything that I like with regards to the writeups, and the best fix I can come up with is that I personally need some kind of break. A chance to enjoy doing the thing without feeling like I need to report back.


Now I don’t want any of you readers to feel like this is your fault in any way, it’s honestly not. You’ve all been so kind and I want to keep encouraging those of you who want to do a Four in February, since it’s such a good idea. And those of you who are close to finishing, or those of you who know you can’t make it, keep going! I know you all are doing the best you can!

The Rest of the Stuff (Or, What Did I Actually Play?)

So, even though I don’t have a writeup for a third game, I’ve decided to devote a little bit of writing about the things I did do this month outside of my Four in February:

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Switch) 

I played a boatload of this while watching TV, just before dozing off, while waiting for things to happen IRL. I didn’t start Skyrim this month, I picked it up at launch and played a bit here and there, and it’s only been recently that I’ve played more heavily. I wound up taking my character from roughly level 20 to 43-ish; I got her sneak all the way to 100; I started and finished Mage College; I got a handful of Daedric Artifacts (namely Mehrunes’ Razor); I found a bunch of shouts thanks to the Greybeards (until the sidequest bugged and gave me Arcwind Point twice, like it’s known to do); I’ve started the Thieves’ Guild so I can pay off my bounty in Dawnstar because killing the NPC that I needed to kill for Mehrunes’ Razor accidentally gave me bounty. I’d like to be able to do Dark Brotherhood, but getting attacked by guards everytime I step foot into the area isn’t great. I wound up getting her smithing from whatever it started at to 100 because I accidentally disenchanted a piece of ebony armor and wanted ebony. Once I had hit 80 smithing, I decided that I was close enough, I might as well just go straight for Dragonbone armor. It’s been a very productive month.

  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PC)

I came across the game on sale for a reasonable price, and decided that I should pick up the game and see how it goes on PC. I had already gotten most of the way there on PS4, I was almost done the game’s second chapter, which consists of a bunch of “Do it again, but this time it’s harder” missions and a few actual plot missions that advance the story of MGSV post-Sahelanthropus/Skull Face. I’ve been having fun running around with a bit of knowledge of what the bonus objectives actually are, to the best of my memory, and with little tips and tricks that the more difficult retread missions basically force you to do to be successful being put to use much earlier here than I did on PS4 (I’ve gotten really good at holdups and CQC). I’m still not too far, I’ve only just done the Honey Bee mission, but I’ve already put in roughly 10 hours, with only some of that being waiting around for things to finish developing.

  • Descenders (PC)

I’ve been having a blast with this game, so I’ve only been poking at it for maybe an hour at a time, in the hopes that I don’t burn myself out on it. I’ve made the Forest shortcut, and I’ve come close to reaching the Forest Boss Jump a few times, but I’m not quite skilled enough yet to do it.

  • Tom Clancy’s The Division (PC)

My Destiny clan has had a hankering for more Division time, so now that it’s a better game, and since there was a pretty good Humble Bundle sale, a whole bunch of us now own it on PC. I’ve played a little bit of it, I’ve only rescued the heads of the Medical and Security Wings, with the Electronics Wing head needing to be rescued. I had only previously played the closed beta on PC and the open beta on PS4, but I didn’t wind up getting it at launch.

  • Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PC)

I played a few games, enough to get my first two boxes for the first two weeks. Once again, my Destiny clan plays this and I play with them, but I did occasionally drop in for a solo round or two of Shrinking Map Pochinki Scrap. Most times I died somewhere around the 30-ish left mark, sometimes I died right away. Othertimes, I cracked the top ten, but I have yet to get a solo poultry dinner. Such is life in Shoot’em Loot’em Battlebois.

Final Thoughts?

It’s been a wonderful time. It’s a shame that I won’t actually finish my Four in February, but sometimes you have to know when to call it quits. This is that time for me. I hope you all succeeded in your own personal Four in February attempts, please don’t let my resignation of sorts put you off.


Thanks once again to everyone who showed any kind of support during these many years of me writing about games that I play, you’ve all been very kind!

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