I'm really feeling it!

Now proudly hoisting the Beta flag.

After much fanfare yesterday, the Elite: Dangerous Alpha phase came to an end after the server where shut-down. But fear not, now running on their place is the all new Beta stage build. Ant the new features are indeed many.


The series stable workhorse of any trader, the Anaconda is now playable. This bulky transport is every trader's dream and every pirate's most wanted prize. Depending on which side of the line you're on, traders will have to do their best customization jobs fitting this beast with appropriate turrets to fend off attackers, since you will not be outmanoeuvring anything in this. In fact, manual docking this thing could be even more difficult than fending off pirates so make sure you get one of those shiny docking computers to do it for you. Speaking of pirates, the name of the game is finding turret blind spots to fly into and drop your payload for a chance to crack open it's hull and tractor in all the inside goodies. Of course the Anaconda won't be the biggest ship money can buy... more on that as the Beta continues to advance.

Here is a nice gameplay video of the Anaconda in action:

Will continue to do my best to keep covering this game's progress for you TAYlanders. I must now go and try to exorcise this feeling I have of wanting to reinstall "Freelancer"...

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