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I'm really feeling it!
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"Elite Dangerous" Dangerously Enters Alpha 2.0

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I'm quite the fan of all things "Elite" (to the point of having done this) So it's always nice to see steady progress on such a high profile Kickstarter campaign. Today "Elite Dangerous" reached Multiplayer Alpha 2.0 which by the powers of copy/paste will include the following new multi player modes:

-Free-for-all melee.
-Pick your side in a two-team melee.
-Co-operative defense of a crippled Federal battlecruiser.
-A more sophisticated 'Pirates and Bounty Hunters' mode which hints at the fluid choices and roles players will experience on a much greater scale in the final game.


People with the multiplayer alpha client should find this update running today when they fire up the game. Here is a gameplay video of the new modes partially narrated by David Braben himself:

What do you think? Will you be joining in the fun when the game is released or do you believe the all conquering "Star Citizen" will best "Elite Dangerous"? For me, I'm just glad to see the space flight/shooter/trading genre making a come back. In fact, "Elite Dangerous" might just be the game that gets me back on PC gaming.

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