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Ellen Page Simulator 2014 Review

At first I was hesitant about this game but after seeing the trailer for Ellen Page Simulator 2014, and I don't think ill of Ellen Page's acting; I was convince that I had to get this game. So I did. This review would have been written earlier but I've been busy and as well as playing Dog Fighting X Pokemon X, I haven't found the time to play until today.


Like the title suggest, you get to play as Ellen Page but David Cage, being a Frenchman, decided to make Ellen's name into Jodie Holmes. Why? I haven't got a clue because I'm GOD DAMN AMERICAN (U S A! U S A!) but I'll let it slide because being American means being awesome.

Before I dive into more details about the my play-through, let's talk about control. It plays very similar to David Cage's earlier title Jason's Missing Little Brother, a compelling tale about Jason's Dad, a broken detective, a clueless journalist, and a drug up FBI Agent. There are Quick Time Event where the player is prompted with choices that the player must make for the characters. Like Jason's Missing Little Brother, the game is broken up into chapters with the biggest difference is that Ellen Page Simulator 2014 focus solely on Ellen Page.

For graphic, it's also very similar to Jason's Missing Little Brother but in some scene, when the characters are not moving, they do look life like. When they move, all life-likeness break and I fall into the uncanny valley. It's just all sorts of wrong there.


Now, I don't want to spoil everything for those who have not played, so I'm going to keep spoilers to a minimum. Bare in mind, it's recommended to play the game with another player but since I don't have anyone else to play with, I solo the game. Your mileage may vary.


In my playthrough, as I faithfully attempted to recreate Ellen Page's life. Like the trailer suggests, I do experience her childhood and so forth but not necessarily in the chronological order. This may be a glitch so maybe Quantic Dream might want to look into that. Still that isn't enough to deter me from my goals to recreate Ellen Page's life to the very detail. Perhaps I've made a few erroneous choices, not playing with a friend, or perhaps I simply don't know Ellen Page's biography as I thought but WTF?!!? she has an entity attached to her that gives her psychic like abilities?? BS! I'm pretty sure she has only the mutant ability to phase through matter.


But you know what, maybe her powers would have took a different turn had I not been so spiteful when other people in her life treated her like a monster. When given a choice to exact my paranormal revenge, I took it with glee. If I had been more passive about her abilities, Ellen might have been left with matter phasing ability. I've played too much to start over now.

Did you know Ellen Page was part of the CIA? Boy, I learn something new everyday. However, this does explain her fighting ability when she was part of the X-Men.


I'll sum up my review here since the game is still relatively new and I wouldn't want it to be spoiled for the many Ellen Page fans out there. While most wouldn't want to drop $60 for this title, I do recommend playing it. In case you're curious on how it compares to Jason's Missing Little Brother, I haven't found a moment that can match JASON!! Jason! JASSSSSONNN! To this day, I still yell Jason when I need to locate my friend Jason.

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