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Empress' New Years Resolution Thread

Hey TAY, The Geek Empress here. It’ll be the new year soon (and for a lot of folks, it’s already 2016) and that means New Year’s Resolutions. I know a lot folks find them hokey or annoying, and most people break them within the first month, but making resolutions is a good way to take a moment to examine your life and change things about your life you don’t necessarily like. After some of the fiascoes of 2015, I am ready for a fresh start. And here are some of the goals I want for next year:

Climb more of Mt. Backlog.

The King of First World Problems that almost all gamers have. Having bought way more games than they played, they end up with stacks of unopened cartridges and discs collecting dust. I actually bought way less games than I did in the past couple of years, and came pretty darn close to polishing off my DS games. I have like 2-3 original DS games, and like 2 3DS games that I haven’t actually played yet. The biggest culprit right now are my PS2 and PS3, with ps1, 2, and 3 games often still in their plastic. I need to address this because I really wanted all these games I bought, especially after waiting so many years to finally be able to afford a PS3. I need to finish more of those games. Yes, I mostly play RPGs, but I can still do it.


Improve Gamer Diaries

Gamer Diaries are my personal observations and thoughts rather than a former review of a game as a way to motivate me to finish them. I do them after I finish a game, or after playing one for a while. Right now they are almost a stream of consciousness type thing, but I’d like them to be a bit more entertaining. The ones in the future will be a bit fancier with actual pictures and maybe some video and things. And anyone who wants to copy the format is welcome.

Put up More Collecting Retro Gaming

I started a series of articles on collecting vintage games, but slowed down in my release of content because of Life Stuff (TM). I want to get back into it, especially to cover some more interesting subjects like importing games and restoration.


Finish Sorcerer’s Apprentice v.3

Sorcerer’s Apprentice is one of my two webcomics, and this one is fairly old at this point. I released volume 2 back in 2014, and want to get volume 3 done in a timely manner. If I can get big chunks of volume 4 done as well (the series is planned to be 7 books total), more the better.


Walk Without a Cane

This is a big one. I have Ankylosing Spondilitis, but before 2012 I could walk very far distances without a cane. Miles and miles in fact. Now I can only walk a few blocks without losing balance and falling, and stand for only about 20 minutes before my legs lose feeling or buckle. Exercise will help, and I want to get back to at least close to the way I used to be. Walking with a cane is exhausting on my wrists and frustrating in general. And falling in public is unbelievably embarrassing. I know I’ll always need a cane just in case, and especially dealing with stairs or inclines, but being able to just keep my folding cane in my bag just in case instead of leaning on it every minute would be a huge deal for me.


So what all are your goals, folks?

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