Heads up, something different for today's regularly scheduled submarine action as "Steel Diver: Sub Wars" receives it's very first update. After a quick trip to the e-Shop and 82 free blocks later, here is what's new:

  • Morse-code chat has been closed under Internet Mode. Users can continue to enjoy lobbies and Morse-code chat during Random Battles and Matched-Skills Battles.
  • Minor changes to Morse-code chat functionality have been made:
    The duration of chat in a lobby has been cut from two minutes to one minute
    A three second time interval has been set for Morse-code signals
  • Overall stability improvements to the online modes have been made to minimize communication errors during online play
  • Fixed an issue where a user's sequential wins were interrupted due to communication errors during online play
  • Adjustments have been made to the specs of some submarines to further improve the game's balance


There goes the lobby morse chat! I was wondering how long it would take Nintendo to prevent that since I have witness conversations of people exchanging country and (the horror) age details. No more "E E E E E E E E E E E E E E" either so that's a bliss. Haven't had time to check all submarines but at least everyone's favourite free submarine Garfish now has an extra +1 at surface speed and +1 dive/ascend rate. Should help people with the free version to stand up against high level players.

Are you still "Steel Diving" like there was no tomorrow and pretending like me you're in the The Red October? Full speed ahead, Mister Borodin.