I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Holy crap that was a lotta writing. I managed to do all 60 days in a row which is WILD and before starting I would have had very little confidence I could do something like this.

I wrote a post about what I’d learned halfway through the challenge and all of that is even more true now at the end. I am glad it’s over but I’m even more glad I participated! Writing daily is HARD (especially when it’s not your career and you have an actual life to live!) but having an end in sight makes it a lot more manageable. So instead of rewriting what I’ve learned I’m going to write about what my plan is moving forward.


I find the idea of endlessly committing to something to be a LOT of pressure. For example: I would rather commit to writing weekly for 3 months than commit to writing once a month indefinitely. So my ideas for now revolve around concrete writing subjects with an end.

I’m considering the following ideas (though I haven’t committed to any yet):

- doing mini reviews of each game in the Sega collection, maybe grouping them up by type of game, or with sequels, or however cuz one post for each of 50 is a lot


- replaying several of my favorite games and writing reviews on them

- playing a selection of horror games over and talking about horror. For example maybe playing the entire resident evil series, or all the silent hills, or even something different like playing several indie pixel horror games


- writing about my favorite games with political/social commentary

- doing a deep dive into one game I really really love

- write several pieces on table top RPGs and a guide on how to be a good DM

I’m sure I could think of even more and none of these are all that specific. I’m going to take a short break though as I have a lot to do in the next month so it may be a few weeks before I start writing again, but that’s okay, CUZ I NEED THE BREAK I JUST WROTE SIXTY GODDAMN POSTS HOLY CRAP! During the break I’ll definitely be thinking about what to write next!


I had a ton of fun doing SixTAY Days of Writing - thanks for organizing it ThePickyGamer!!!!

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