Let me tell you some things about myself:

I don't think EA is a terrible, evil empire of a company. I find Call of Duty mildly entertaining. I don't really like playing World of Warcraft or League of Legends.

I love the indie scene; some of our best games are coming from it. Games that I'll remember forever.

You know what isn't the worst game in the world? Bionic Commando-I mean the 3D sequel on 360/PS3. Try it-it's actually pretty fun. A bit.

Years ago, I tried a game called Vampire Rain for 360. It's awful. It's a broken mess of a game and fails in nearly all aspects. So...wanna know what I did about it?



I played something else.

Why am I sharing all this?

It basically all started here.


For those of you who don't feel like reading (apparently, that's a lot of you), this is Kotaku Editor in Chief Stephen Totilo explaining how a possible ethics breach turned out to not be anything.

Did you catch that? Nothing happened here. At all.

Why's that important? Simple. Nathan Grayson and Zoe Quinn-and now, Phil Fish-are being attacked relentlessly by basically the Internet at large. Look all of this up on Twitter.


Let me rephrase: they're being attacked by a group who believe they're being personally attacked by people who make and write about video games.


I love games as much as you all do. I grew up with them. They're a big part of my life.


But they're video games.

If you don't like FEZ, don't play. If you don't like Phil Fish or Zoe Quinn, don't play their stuff. Like I mentioned up there, when I realized I didn't like Vampire Rain, I didn't seek out to make the developers' lives a living hell. I just played something else.


When EA makes a weird/bad business decision, I don't take it as a personal attack. Because it isn't one.

Anyone who's at least partly responsible for hacking Polytron's site/Twitter, and doxxing Phil Fish, I hope you'll see that this isn't the way. Personally attacking people like Zoe Quinn, Nathan Grayson, and Phil Fish simply isn't right. I hope you can see that.


A difference of opinion is not a crime. Persecuting someone for their opinion IS a crime. Not to mention, it makes you quite similar to a certain party that existed around World War 2.

I shared a couple of opinions earlier because we gamers are part of an industry that encourages and celebrates the free exchange of opinions and ideas. That's what I love about it.


Lately, it's what I hate about it, too.

Reading about the attacks on Quinn, Grayson, and Fish has made me physically sick. No one should feel ashamed to be in this industry, but that's what's happening here. We're all supposed to be in this together. We're all supposed to be part of that wonderfully weird societal subgroup known as "gamers."


And stuff like this just fractures us. This industry, for as long as I've known, seems to have taken a "one step forward two steps back" approach, and it can't be like that anymore.

Unbelievable nonsense like this is destroying us. It's destroying the industry, and now it's close to destroying lives. Lives of people who haven't hurt you. Lives of people who only create things for you. Tell me at least one of you can see the wrongness in this.


This has been one of the worst weeks in video games. I used to be confused about why Phil Fish left this industry. I get it now. I'm getting pretty close to giving up.

But I won't, because in some dumb corner of my brain, I still have some faith left.


We can be better. We have to be better.