I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Some of my favorite memories of summer as a kid was sitting around on an ant covered hill in the hot Texas heat, and playing Pokemon with everyone. We were all there for our swim meets, our heats written in Sharpie on our arm so we couldn’t miss it, but what most of us REALLY wanted was a chance to show off this rare new Pokemon, or trading a few extras to a new friend.


I’m hoping to recapture that this round of Pokemon. I’ve been out of it since Gold/Silver, and really want to try and capture that child-like wonder of pocket monsters and community. If you’re also interested, shoot me a reply here or on Discord (@Rienier). We can get our own PokeLeague going, do some trades, talk about the game etc. The new games come out Friday, so be sure to pick up a copy and join us!

DS Friend Code (Graham): 1006 - 3136 - 1348

Update: The local Gamestop near me has given me a handful of codes for the Legendary Pokemon Volcanion and this month’s Legendary, Genesect! Can give them out to whoever wants them, let me know.

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