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Even Mainstream Media Recognizes the Sneaky, Scammy Nature of Microtransactions

CBC - that’s the Canadian Broadcasting Company for the Yankee crowd - wrote a great article about microtransactions after a Pembroke, ON man received an $8000 credit card bill attributed to his teenaged son’s FIFA transactions.

Interviewing Victor Lucas, a long-time video game media personality, and host of the long-running Electric Playground video game TV series, the CBC does a great job of summing up what microtransactions are and what they seek to achieve in layman’s terms, so the less-learned consumer has a firm grasp of how to avoid getting screwed.


What I really like is how they treat microtransactions like a toxic plague throughout the article - they open the article by defining the much-maligned industry buzzword, “whale,” and spend the article discussing how to avoid these transactions.

It’s a really good read, and I highly recommend it for normies - especially those with kids - who aren’t too aware of the new gaming economy.


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