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Every 2 Minutes You Could Pay Full Price!

If you are unaware there’s a promotion going on at every2minutes.com where you can bid on auctions of xbox ones. Sounds great right? I thought so. I buy mountain dew pretty often. I saved my bottle caps and cases and banked my points. I never thought seriously that I’d win anything, and I was right to do so…

Winning bidders are bidding around 32 to 35 thousand points to win their respective auctions. I have to wonder whether or not they realize that they’re spending pretty much the same amount to buy an Xbox one as they are to MAYBE win one here.


Am I missing something? Is there some great inexpensive way to earn points? Assuming said inexpensive way does not exist then from where I’m sitting that’s 335 20 oz bottles of Mountain Dew (you get 100 points per 20 oz). That’s $502.50 (assuming they’re 1.50 a bottle).

Again, I might be missing something here, but it seems like a lot of money to blow to MAYBE win an xbox one. But I guess if you’re spending the money on mountain dew and doritos anyway you’re not losing anything.

Bros gamers gotta get their sustenance somehow I guess…

Edit/addition: I've been searching for explanations as to how and why so many people have so many points to use. One unnamed person on some backwoods mountain dew forum went to 3 different grocery stores looking for sales on mountain dew and doritos. According to him he bought 100 2liters of mountain dew and 150 bags of doritos to get enough codes to win an xbox (over 40 thousand points apparently). It cost him "around 350 bucks" with tax.


So, it's awesome that he can get about a 200 savings on a system, but holy crap! It's a ridiculous waste! It's not like he can then give those bottles or Dew or bags of doritos away. He had to have OPENED everything to get the codes to input. So this jackass just wasted close to 53 gallons of liquid and 187 lbs of food wasted. for an xbox. When 842 million people in the world do not have enough to eat.
I hate people.

If you want an xbox then go buy an xbox. Don't waste food.

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