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With the release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Switch, it’s a good time to revisit the whacky and winding tracks that make the go-karting series so iconic.


There are nearly 50 tracks in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, as it includes all raceways and both DLC offerings from the Wii U original. Each track has its own colorful charm and annoying design aspects, but some are much more enjoyable than others. I worked with TAY regulars Narelle Ho Sang (aka Zarnyx), J. Acosta (aka Nach) and Steve Bowling to compile the long list of the best (and worst) tracks that you see below.

Let’s get this show on the road!

48. Ice Ice Outpost

47. Ribbon Road (GBA)

46. Sherbert Land (GCN)

45. Cheese Land (GBA)


44. Rainbow Road (N64)

43. Piranha Plant Slide (3DS)

42. Water Park

41. Yoshi Circuit (GCN)


40. Wario’s Goldmine (Wii)

39. Dry Dry Desert (GCN)

38. Shy Guy Falls

37. Donut Plains 3 (SNES)


36. Yoshi Valley (N64)

35. Neo Bowser City (3DS)

34. Mario Kart Stadium

33. Rainbow Road (SNES)


32. Mario Circuit (GBA)

31. Cheep Cheep Beach (DS)

30. Super Bell Subway

29. Bone-Dry Ruins


28. Sweet Sweet Canyon

27. Mario Circuit

26. Toad Turnpike (N64)

25. Toad Harbor


24. Music Park (3DS)

23. Thwomp Ruins

22. Tick-Tock Clock (DS)

21. Rainbow Road


20. Royal Raceway (N64)

19. Grumble Volcano (Wii)

18. Excitebike Arena

17. Dragon Driftway


16. Baby Park (GCN)

15. DK Jungle (3DS)

14. Wild Woods

13. Dolphin Shoals


12. Electrodrome

Why It’s Great: The Electrodrome is one big pumped up party. It’s like racing though a futuristic Tokyo, with flashing ads and a twisting path to further overstimulate players.


11. Hyrule Circuit

Why It’s Great: Who hasn’t had the fantasy of zooming through Hyrule Castle? With rupees galore and more easter eggs than you can shake a Master Sword at, this one is sure to make Nintendo fans swoon.


10. Mute City

Why It’s Great: Mute City harkens back to the super fast hover car days of F-Zero. Instead of coins, players must use the glowing recharge pathways to enhance their speed. And how about that music!?


9. Twisted Mansion

Why It’s Great: Luigi’s glowering mug was the breakout meme of 2014, so it’s good to see his spooky adventures also inspired such a unique race track. Flowing carpets and bountiful boos make it one memorable rush.


8. Bowser’s Castle

Why It’s Great: The Bowser Castle stages are a staple of the Mario Kart series, and the Koopa King’s latest is a doozy. A giant lava golem, swinging fireballs, and an army of rolling boulders will keep racers on their toes.


7. Big Blue

Why It’s Great: The second F-Zero track in the Mario Kart catalogue is a one shot competition. No laps here, just a single race to the finish line with more hover racing than any other course. Better start bumping.


6. Wario Stadium

Why It’s Great: Since the introduction of tricks to the Mario Kart series, player have been going out of their way to find new ramps and gaps. Wario Stadium’s many hills and sharp turns are the epitome of a fun and frantic track.


5. Sunshine Airport

Why It’s Great: Certain locals are commonplace in the Mario Kart universe. Islands, castles, and jungles have all been done, but a bustling airport is the perfect setting for vehicles that can glide.


4. Cloudtop Cruise

Why It’s Great: Cloudtop Cruise is a course that leaves players cheering if they manage to make it all three laps without faultier. That’s easier said than done, as the tracks lightning strikes and lack of railings make it quite the challenge.


3. Moo Moo Meadows

Why It’s Great: Just look at that adorable cow.


2. Mount Wario

Why It’s Great: Like Big Blue, Mount Wario is a single shot race split into three huge sections. Being dropped on top of a mountain is easily the coolest start to a Mario Kart track in history, and going down is even more enjoyable.


1. Animal Crossing

Why It’s Great: The Animal Crossing track has the unique distinction of being the only stage that can take on four different forms. Each season on this raceway brings with it new secrets and obstacles.


What Mario Kart 8 tracks are your favorite to race on? Shout out in the comments below.

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