I'm really feeling it!

Woke up. Got out of bed. Fed the cats (at 5:30 am), went back to bed.

A couple of hours later, I got up again, this time to the sound of my phone alarm, because work beckoned me. Some days at the office are pretty lax and unbusy. That’s been the occasional wellspring of time and energy into which a full-time worker like me could tap for more hobbyist pursuits like playing bits of game or putting in some writing.


Today was decidedly not one of those days. Not only was there much to do, that volume of work kept up for a long while, all the way after 5:30 in the afternoon. This week in general is promising to be fucking booked where due dates and shit are concerned, and it’s making me a bit anxious just thinking about the prospect of it.

I finally got home a little bit after 6:00, upon which the cats got their dinner. Sandra returned home shortly afterwards. Once both of us settled out of our clothes from work, we decided to head over to my mom’s place nearby to visit some family and hang out. Ate some dinner together, talked about Mom and my brothers’ first weekend visit to a Trader Joe’s, sang praises for The Beatles, watched some WWE Raw on the living room TV with my brother Brian.

That all basically took up the rest of the evening, up until returning home a half hour ago. Immediately after setting my shoes at the front door was when I turned on my laptop, brandishing my keyboard to commit some words on the internet. I am a tired Justin, but sleep can wait a short moment.

It is a goddamn miracle that my sense of work-life-hobby balance has been robust enough to maintain more than seven weeks’ worth of constant day-by-day writing without burning out. How the hell I managed that, or came across the incredible luck that allowed it, I do not know. But on a day like today, the sheer scope of needs and wants on one’s plate threatens being too much to bear. And whenever that happens, something’s gotta give.


This time, that ended up being the hobbies.

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