Everything sucks if the little thing in the corner of my screen is to be believed.

Some poor guy was cut from his football team

Some other poor guy doesnt even get to play football


Spider-Woman has no bones

Email is BAAAAAAD!


The Ice Bucket Challenge is BAAAAAAD!

There's also a bunch of other bad stuff going on in the world that wasn't important enough to make "The Corner of Not-Awesomeness".

The worst part of all of this is that I can't even get Kinja to format this post correctly! Everything just sucks


What happened? Everything seemed so nice not that long ago. I long for the days when I got to look as Disney prince penises, and watch dudes try to hit 186mph fastballs. Now all the corner does is show me doom and gloom. How are you guys handling how shit the world apparently became in the past 2 weeks.